Monday, February 15, 2010

Vote Them All Out?

Government is not the solution to our problem; Government is the problem. ~ Ronald Reagan
The Federal Government is broken. It's the legacy of Grover Norquist and the Reaganites. They wanted to defund, deregulate and destroy the Government so that the Moneyed Kleptocrats, the Plutocratic Tyrants could exert total control over the nation.

Well, it worked. Deregulation of the housing market allowed the rampant bank speculation which lead to the multiple bubbles of the Reagan, Bush 41 and W43 years; which precipitated the Republican controlled bailouts of the Savings & Loans and Mega-Banks. It's not that Government is the answer but it's not the problem. Government's role since the Founding of America has been to curb the voracious appetites of Moneyed Power.

The Founders knew history and were versed in the classics. The knew the cycles of Government laid down by Polybius, they knew the underlying reasons the Roman Republic ended, they knew the how the Aristocratic classes controlled and destroyed the Byzantine Empire, they knew the fragmentation of nations and the devastation of Religious Wars caused by the establishment of the one true faith.

They warned us to be ever vigilant, to guard against letting the Kleptocrats take over, to staying out of Foreign Entanglements, that War is a Racket. They laid the groundwork to guide us and help us, but like any system, those invested in corrupting and subverting the system work ceaselessly to undermine it and through the years they have succeeded. Our Founders and their Sons named them, The Bankers, the Capitalists, the Military-Industrial-Complex, but despite the warnings of those who have seen the naked aggression of the Moneyed Tyrants, the Kleptocrats are Ascendant.

They craft the Legislation, the choose how the that Legislation should be interpreted, they tell us how we can dissent and when they don't like it they craft false dissent. They give the orders to the President, to the Congress regardless of Party Affiliation. Because they are the Party; the Party of Property, the Party of Power, the Party of Money. They are the United States, We are their Thralls.

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