Saturday, May 23, 2009


Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?
If you can't, then it doesn't matter anyway
~ Epic, Faith No More

2010 has been proposed, by Representative Paul Broun (Yes That Paul Broun of the Obama is exactly like Hitler and exactly like the Soviet Union) to be the Year of the bible.

Of course, fortunately this means mankind can claim the next 5+ Billion years of our Sun's life span for reality.

However, in light of the recent important fossil find of Ida (go here for list of media/blog coverage), erroneously trumped up as the "missing link" and the outrage Google caused by it's Ida-inspired fossil logo which dishonored and angered god and brought man one step closer to righteous destruction, I am loathe to admit that the bible hath been proven true.

Here is the proof from Mr. Andy Schlafly. Italics to accentuate the logic.
James, you've been misled in your education. The Bible is the most logical book written. People have a free will to reject logic, and reject that 2 and 2 are 4, but that doesn't change the logical truth of it.--Andy Schlafly 22:03, 7 April 2009 (EDT)

Andy Schlafly, would you do me the honor of explaining why the Bible is the most logical book written? ShmuelB 22:58, 7 April 2009 (EDT)

God created the world, and then man. Man incurred the ultimate offense against God, and that required the ultimate sacrifice to redeem it. God intervenes with miracles from time to time as He likes. This is completely logical. Now everyone has free will to reject this and conjure up any alternative theory they like, but Christianity is the most logical religion and the Bible is the most logical book.--Andy Schlafly 23:30, 7 April 2009 (EDT)

I placed this under my Argument from Authority label but really what do you call this? Argument from the Neener Neener? Argument from god, bible and logic are in the same paragraph? Presto?

This lovely bon mot of wisdom comes from the egregious Conservapedia Liberal Page. I guarantee hours of stupefying enjoyment from perusing the site. The Liberal and Evolution pages are especially gratifying since they prove all liberals equal socialist atheists who, in turn, equal Hitler.

And as Paul Broun proved in 2008 Obama is exactly like Hitler.


Harpy said...

I vote for Neener Neener.

Oh, and regarding all that 'missing link' hullabaloo... really unnecessary.

It's been my experience that physical anthropologists, on the whole, and European ones in particular, have awful people skills and it always manages to come through in their PR strategies. I seriously think they believe that if they just keep shouting their arguments LOUDER - everyone will somehow come to just magically understand human evolution. They are so missing the point of why Americans aren't buying evolution as a way of responding to fundamental questions of human existence.

The fossil, however, *is* totally rad -- we have so few examples of Eocene primates. She is quite a find!


Although I find your posts disconnected and illogical, I think the name of your site is cool. I wish you success Disaffected Guy.

Dusty said...

I really wish I would have come and read your blog first before commented to you (in hind site) brilliant post.

However, the way I responded to you was probably the best anyway because anyone else reading the initial exchange between us would have undoubtedly perceived it the way I did.

Anyway, good article. I went and looked at that guys conservapedia stuff and it's simply amazing. The fact that these people outnumber us at least 3 to 1 scares the shit out of me.

Dusty Smith

Grung_e_Gene said...


Andy Schlafly is the son of the infamous Phyllis and is from a first hand account a brilliant computer programmer/engineer. Unfortunately his mother has tortured and brain washed him into the Cult. So for this I pity him.

No problem regarding your response, I'm sure you receive tons of Angry UR n IDiot Christianist Taliban responses.

Anyway your stuff is humorous and serves as good troll bait. Carry On!