Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Legacy

"Torture has never been a reliable means of extracting information. It is ultimately self-defeating as a means of control. One wonders it is still practiced." ~ Jean Luc Picard

Watching the "warped frustrated old man" Dick Cheney who is "more machine now than man, twisted and evil" frantically defending his warcrimes has been illuminating. Cheney is even so desperate he's pimping out his own daughter to equivocate on Torture.

Cheney's Torture message incorporates several avenues of attack: What was authorized wasn't Torture, but even if it was the Democrat Party knew about it too, however we only used the tougher methods on a select few and despite everything the methods protected America from future attacks.

Part of the Cheney defense strategy is if Torture hearings would threaten to bring down Pelosi and Reid (and other Democratic Party members) then the Dems and the NBC championed, backed, Soros Funded Liberal World Wide Conspiracy won't be willing or able to investigate the matter fully.

This is actually a fairly solid plan as the Democrats probably wont be willing to move forward unless they have built up enough of a wedge in people's minds that Pelosi and other Democratic members of congress were not given the full information or were actively kept in the dark about the depth and nature of the methods.

Another line of the Torture defense strategy comes when Liz Cheney opens her mouth and Dick's (words) come out. We only used the methods on select few. However, this part undercuts the idea that the methods used helped to protect America. When raids are done and insurgents rounded up it's very difficult to identify them. They don't have social security numbers, many don't know their birthday, there were no fingerprint databases so it's possible after a raid on a VBIED warehouse that some HVT was there and got picked up with the rest of the lower level chaff. He won't speak up and confess because he's hoping to be detained for a short period of time before being released.

Therefore it is only prudent that we must Torture every single prisoner of war. How will we know, know conclusively, one of those terrorists we captured did not just recently meet with UBL in Damascus after having planned the next 9-11 unless we water board him?

Underlying all the Torture talk is this message from Cheney: Attempt to bring me down for warcrimes and I will destroy America. It's the MAD gambit. The Republicans and their Toxic Allies will work ceaselessly to turn the regular Americans against one another, fragment society and cheer on another terrorist attack.

And that is The Legacy of the Bush/Cheney Presidency. The Destruction of America.

Bush and Cheney will have accomplished a feat the Nazis, Soviets, Southern racists, Bill Ayers, all failed at; The Destruction of America.

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Dusty said...

It's depressing to think that history might look back on us in the same negative light we look on Nazi Germany.

They will wonder how we let this happen. They will wonder why our society didn't do something.

Hopefully they will know that their were some people trying to stop this. That it wasn't all of us. That this society wasn't all bad.

Dusty Smith