Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Drunken Cubs "Fans"

So Come On And Have A Good Time
And Get Blinded Out Of Your Mind
~ AC/DC, Have a Drink On Me

Roughly 5 hours after the end of a Cubs game this last weekend, our Dispatch received a call from the Metra police asking for assistance in taking 12-15 Cubs fans off the train as it stopped in my town.

And guess why?

Becuase they had just spent the last 4 hours boozing it up in Wrigleyville and now were causing problems for the conductors by such admirable actions as urinating in the train, throwing beer cans at one another, jumping around the cars and generally being sloppy drunks.

When I arrived all I could hear over Coms was yelling. When I got onto the train the group was loud, disorderly, obniouxs, profane, vulgar, combative and whinny.

Their yelling was punctuated with variations of the following:
But, we’re going to fancy upscale Chicago Suburb How are weeeeee suppossed to get there? This is bullshit... What the fuck man... Screw you... I gah-tah piss... Dude, hey dude dude dude hey dude dude let me talk to you for a moment...

As I helped one young lady who refused to get off the train leave, she turned on me and shouted you can’t push me I know my rights.

I stopped (still holding her arm ever so gently) and said, "You do? Well, tell me your rights? What are your rights?"

She paused and with head titled, mouth slightly agape she looked at me wordlessly.

I continued, "Your behavior is prohibited by Metra, they want you off the train, You're getting off."

After the train had departed and the drunks had mostly been packaged off to their suburban wonderlands I asked a buddy of mine "Do you know who you would never see act like that? Brothers."

Because if they got blasted were throwing beer cans at each, swearing, jumping around the train and then decided to mean mug and confront a group of cops they know they would catch a beat down.

When was the last time you saw an African-American man run onto Wrigley Field? (Mute the Commentary.)

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