Thursday, April 23, 2009

Water Board Dick Cheney

No government has the authority to Torture. No government can grant itself the authority to Torture. No circuitous legal memos can circumvent the lack of authority. Torture is a crime. Crafting memos to legalize Torture is a further crime. And any documents should be treated as evidence of intent.

The reason we are seeing such a rabid defense of Torture is because once the Right Wing Extremists, the Pro-Human Pain and Suffering crowd, admit the actions of Bush, Cheney, David Addington, John Yoo, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfled, Paul Wolfowitz, Condie Rice and Jay Bybee were criminal the Bush Torture Regime are going to face War Crimes Trials. And once they are convicted, since we have proud admissions of knowledge, intent and direct supervision of Torture from the grpup, the entire Right Wing will be so fragmented to be possibly destroyed politically for a generation.

Good. Torture should have such consequences. If you support Bush and Cheney you are supporting Criminals.

Torture, Fucking Torture! Rice and Cheney crafted the Torture policy months before the legal memos supporting it were written. Cheney used the Troops as scapegoats when the first knowledge of Torture came to light! Cheney even tried to use Torture to prove a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Dick Cheney is a War Criminal who should face the consequences similar war criminals have faced.

Obama is the tyrannical fascist? Obama is Worse Than You Know Who? Fine. Then President B. Hussein should have the power to water board and sleep deprive all suspected Extremists. Start with Jay Bybee and David Addington and work your way up to George Bush, and Dick Cheney, and all the members of the Torture Regime who with full knowledge sought the power to Torture.

How can we have thousands of screaming Tea Party Protesters bewailing government tyranny over health care and railroad construction whilst silmultaneously wanting that same government to have the ability to Torture? Ahhh, but there's the rub. They don't. Those patriots want a Republican to have the power. For when a Republican president and congress increase the debt by Trillions it's okay, when a Republican president and congress legalize Torture it's okay.


ran said...

"the Pro-Human Pain and Suffering crowd". I love that label. It could very well beat out Tipsy Canoe as my favorite of yours.

Lisa said...

It is so bleepin' obvious, right? Torture is a crime. Period.

When did this insane partisan divide occur in our once-great nation, so strong that the adherents would rather bring the nation down than admit to compromise? I feel like a stranger in a strange land.

Such madness. Anger and bloviating abounds.