Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I’m just as lost as you
And probably more confused
~ Clenching The Fists Of Dissent, Machine Head

Kathleen Sebelius is another Obama Chicago Machine Politician who is a profligate tax evading criminal. Damn Her Eyes! And the Republicans are aghast at such flouting of the payment of Taxes. But, the whole Republican platform is pay less taxes, give the government less of your hard earned monies? Should the Right not be cheering the ingenuity and perspicacity of Kathleen Sebelius? Who against overwhelming odds triumphantly succeeded in wresting back a small portion of the money wrongfully stolen by the Marxist federal government? As well as giving every other tax defying Obama Nomination a hearty hear-hear clap on the back?

Oooooooh, wait! They're Liberal Democrats! Therefore everything they do is axiomatically hateful, evil, illegal, ungodly and anti-american! And it's not as if the official organ of the GOP used the comments of Joe Biden, Paying more taxes is patriotic, as evidence of the Redistributionist (i.e. Marxist) policies of Obama in their literature or anything... (well, of course, you knew they did by that cliched sentence structure!)

Crime, like Patriotism is a function of Time and Spin. Crime is only Crime when a venomous Liberal does it. Then the Bloody Shirt must be waved, while Republicans rend their breasts, tear their hair out and bemoan the destruction of America for actions which they would defend unto the End of the World if it had been done by oh say Tom DeLay.

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