Wednesday, April 1, 2009


You thought it was a joke and so you
Laughed, you laughed! When I had said that
Losing you would make me flip my lid - right?
~ They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! Napoleon XIV

Patriotism is a function of Time. Or a subset. I don't quite have the Math-esque analogies down yet. Protests against the Federal Government were once the bastion of the anti-american looney leftards, championing Tear-Oh-Wrists in Iraq, hurting the Troops and entirely unacceptable. But the sun orbits and then Blam! Here come the April 15th Tea Party Protests, which are totally not being orchestrated and are like totally populist.

Today, unlike at anytime during the previous 8 years, all responsible Congressmembers are calling for an "Orderly Revolutions".

Do they really want to succeed? Once the revolution, "Orderly" or not, begins you have called for an end to the tradition of peaceful transition of power.

I will not accept any post hoc eschatological, metaphysical, philosophical or other class of rationalizations to explain the overthrow of an elected figure. And it can't be a one-off never to be repeated event. The Djinn will be out. And from that point on I would never respect a Republican elected official in the Federal government. Never.

Update 04/15:
Many events have transpired since I first opened this article. Governor Rick Perry's call for Texas Secession and the horrible Ambush Murder of the Three Pittsburgh Brothers by a madman incited by the Obama's Coming to Take Guns Away, ha-haaa Meme.

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