Friday, April 24, 2009


My current profession allows me the perk of being a Traffic Scofflaw. And I do not merely mean the obligatory speeding.

One of my favorite maneuvers involves my exit off of the Tri-State Tollway. After exiting and as I proceed home there is a stop light which allows access and egress from a major corporation, so it has a long cycle time including a long turn, regardless of traffic. I routinely hit this light at either 0230 or 0630 hours, depending upon my work schedule that day.

Now, if it's a crowded monday morning I'll obey the light cycle but what I normally do is treat it as a stop sign. I'll approach check both ways (I'm elevated and there are several turn and through lanes so I have a clear field of vision) and roll on through.

I do this extra gleefully when other Illinois motorists putrid non-human civilian scum are stuck at the empty intersection with no cross traffic, waiting for the light to change.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. There was a light by my work place that was not in working order... It made the drive kind of difficult, considering the light NEVER turned green. Even at 5:30am, no cars in sight, it wouldn't change. I would just go through after waiting a while, but some people would sit there forever.