Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Republican John Shimkus turning Illinois into Alabama

If you repeat a lie often enough, You're a Republican...
There is no doubt nor any reasonable discussion concerning global climate change. It has occurred in the past, it is occurring now, and it will continue to occur in the future. The only area for debate is the amount of impact positive and negative that man can have on the world. This should not be a political issue but guess who wants to make it one, that's right, the Republican Party.

Now some Republicans are climate change deniers out of brazen political machinations. Battered conservative voters hate the world and demand America be different, so if the world scientific community agrees climate change is happening then conservatives reflexively demand their politicians deny it.

But other Republican seek to impose their religious bigotry and ignorance onto America. Such as Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois.

"I believe that is the infallible word of god," Shimkus declared because jesus whispers it into his ear every night in the original Aramaic that climate change isn't real, carbon dioxide makes for good breathing, and miners hate mine safety laws because they aren't in the bible or Constitution.

So, no amount of evidence will ever be enough for Shimkus because everything on earth (besides the bible) is coated in man's inherent evilness and as such can never dissuade him. John Shimkus is now vying for the leadership spot of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Get used to it America. The 300 Republican Tyrants in the Federal Government are going to run your life. The 300 Republican Tyrants are going to decide (often times based on a collection of bronze age myths of desert nomads) what is best for you, what you can and can not do with your body, what your quality of life will be and for how long they work you until Republicans deem you to old or ineffective and leave you to die.

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This Shimkus is possibly the most useless asshole in DC. I hope when Madigan draws the next Illinois electoral map he gerrymanders this idiot out of a job.

By the way, this clown let Foley harrass pages for God knows how long. He's useless.