Friday, November 26, 2010

How sad for our "North Korean Allies"

And for America that Mother Jones has been replaced by Mama Grizzlies.

Sarah Palin is a Corporate shill. Palin engages in the most inflammatory slash-and-burn rhetoric designed to convince middle class and poor people to vote against their economic self-interest. And it's working. And the Plutocratic rich assholes in this nation reward Palin with millions, which she feels is a fortune but which is a pittance to them.

Palin and her ilk dutifully read whatever script their Corporate Moneyed Masters place in front of them. Or Sarah Palin would if she knew how to read. Palin appeared on Glenn Beck's show to bash President Obama for not declaring War somewhere in Korea, but as is her wont, Palin went Rogue and declared the necessity of aiding our "North Korean allies". [Raw Story]

Sarah Palin is a true conservative and Republican. Palin is actively ignorant and completely devoid of rationality. She prides herself on not knowing what's going on in the world. She shamelessly lies like all Republicans and feels no compunction in doing so.

And she wants to be President. The damage she would do for her Corporate Controllers to America, to hard working Americans and to the world will far surpass George Bush's record.


Sue said...

What an embarrassment that woman is, she wallows in stupidity..
Hannity interviewed her and asked if she would talk to Katie Couric if and when she became the presidential candidate, she said no the woman is biased and why would she waste her time talking to biased people. Then she said she majored in journalism, and puts herself out there everyday with her tweets and facebook! LOL!! Good friggin lord the woman is psychotic!

tom said...

The saddest thing about her is her willfull ingnorance...proud of her fact free opinions,
she is totally unable to take criticism, totally, who does she think she IS?
With a country at war, struggling for economic renewall...we don't need a pretty face in the White House.....

Grung_e_Gene said...

tom and Sue, Watch Sarah's "Peace through Strength" ramblings on the Great Van Sustern Faux show.


Green Eagle said...

If Sarah Palin really is North Korea's ally, I'd suggest they watch their backs.