Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin Dirty Player Punk Ass Bitch, must be a Republican

The Alex Ovechkin case is absurd. Ovechkin is a Dirty Player, not only was the hit illegal (i.e. against NHL rules) Ovechkin's hit on Brian Campbell was dirty. And the outcome was horrible, Campbell was seriously injured as a result, suffering a broken clavicle and a broken rib.

But, Fans of the Washington Capitals reacted with ridiculous Sport Umbrage. 72% of respondents in a Washington Post Poll believe Ovechkin shouldn't even have received an in-game penalty let alone a suspension for a hit which ended Campbell's season. That number alone would indicate the harshness of Capitals Fans but when their shameless complaints and blog comments are added on I have to wonder if every Capital fan is a Republican for their egregious inhumanity.

Capitals Fans whining included baseless speculations (the ice must have had a rut, Campbell must have toe-picked), lies about Ovechkin's hit (It was from the side, it was a push) replay's clearly showed Ovechkin hitting Campbell in between his numbers on his back, paranoid conspiracy theories (the suspension is to make Ovechkin lose the Scoring Trophy, Colin Campbell hates Russian players because he's Canadian) false equivalencies (Player X wasn't suspended for his hit therefore Ovechkin should not be suspended either). It was really a massive amount of bullshit when the video of the hit clearly showed Ovechkin spread his feet to gain leverage, then deliver a hit on Campbell squarely in the back after the puck was gone and while he was 10 feet from the boards.

Now, if Ovechkin had never done an illegal intentional dirty hit before perhaps a two-game suspension would have been sufficient, but as if often the case with piece of shit criminals or hockey goons, Ovechkin has a long history and recent suspensions for similar actions.

And worst of all Ovechkin, his head coach, Bruce Boudreau and the team's owner weren't upset about the intentional illegal act by Ovechkin which resulted in a serious injury to Campbell but because Ovechkin got suspended for his filthy SMERSH-style play. "I was disappointed with the NHL's decision yesterday," ~ Alexander Ovehkin. “I was so upset for him. I feel so bad for the guy,” ~ Bruce Boudreau. Capitals owner Ted Leonsis wrote on his blog Monday that he didn’t think a suspension was warranted. “I don’t think Alex should have received a game misconduct for that play,” he said. “I don’t think he should miss our next game either." Disgusting.

It's embarrassing to see people suspend their reasoning capabilities because of their Sports Team loyalty, It's more embarrassing to see them suspend their morality for that reason.


TomCat said...

Your conclusion is completely correct about every team but mine. ;-)

Grung_e_Gene said...

Unfortunately, TomCat, many fans will despise a dirty players actions until that player is acquired by "their" team at which point his bad actions are justified.