Sunday, March 28, 2010

Republicans and Conservatives hate Veterans

Republicans aren't content with merely seeing Americans die, they relish in having Fallen Soldiers Never Returning Home.

The NPR story, MIA Remains On Verge Of Disappearing Forever, on The Joint POW/MIA Accountability Command at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, and it's race to try and account for those 1763 brave men left on foreign soil.

However, back in 1995 it took a Democratic President Bill Clinton to normalize relations with Vietnam and begin the somber task of retrieving those brave men and it wasn't until the Democrats regained control of the Congress that funding for the JPAC missions to Vietnam was increased. From the NPR Story:
Four to five JPAC teams currently deploy to Vietnam each year, but Congress is pushing for more. It boosted JPAC's budget 20 percent - up to $68 million this year and directed them to double their recovery and ID efforts by 2015.
During their 12 year control of Congress Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and other Republican Cowards were busy stealing money and starting new Wars in which they could send Americans to their death while the Chicken Hawk Republicans and Conservatives enlarged their Swiss Bank Accounts with Government funds.

But, Republicans say they are pro-troops as if their empty hollow statements make it so, when their actions clearly show Republicans are Pro-War and the only thing they care about is using Veterans to enrich themselves and the Death Merchants and War Mongers whom they represent and serve.

But, while Republicans might have hated Fallen Vietnam Veterans because it reminds them of their Cowardice and Deferments present day Conservatives Hero Sean Hannity uses current Dead Veterans to buy himself champagne and back rubs.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington have filed complaints with the IRS and FTC against the Ollie North and Sean Hannity Freedom Alliance and Freedom Concerts "Charities" because it has come to light that Sean Hannity has pillfered millions in funds donated for helping wounded soldiers and used those stolen funds for chartering Private Planes and Sexy Fox News Parties. Hannity has stated, “Every penny, 100 percent of the donations are applied to the Freedom Alliance scholarship fund.”

But Conservatives can justify Hannity's brazen shameless theft of Charity Funds because Hannity is a Home Front Culture Warrior. That's the name the Chicken Hawks use justify their cowardice. Conservatives lie to themselves that they are needed to defend Republican ideals in the US so that others can fight overseas. Conservatives are Scum Incarnate.

CREW Press Relaease 03/29/10.

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