Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Most of them, met an early grave years before i was born
All of them left brothers and sisters and mothers behind
~ Your Time Has Come, Audioslave
Having worked on The Birthday here's an Ooh-Rah to my fellow Devil Dogs (belatedly) and salutations to my god damn Veteran brethren out there.

On Veterans Day it's time to remember the most salient fact in America, the Republican Party hates Veterans, spends their blood like nickels and wants them to die.

It's part of the Republican Party Trick and Treat Campaign; Trick the American people by claiming to support the Troops with empty words while they are busy undercutting, underfunding and stabbing Veterans in the back every opportunity they can and then Treating themselves to the money and prestige of being the War Party.

Senator Tom Coburn, Punk Ass Bitch Republican using his "rights" as a US Senator has blocked passage of a bill providing care for Veterans. A typical Republican showing his hatred for Veterans and his desire to have them die.

Republicans have fought to keep Veterans from gaining benefits when they return home because Republicans see money from the government as their money better spent on enriching Punk Ass Bitch Republican families and cronies, Republicans want Veterans destitute homeless and depressed because Republicans want Veterans to kill themselves to save money.

Disgustingly, Republicans were against the expanded GI Bill in 2008 because surviving Veterans might get a few extra thousand dollars each for school and training instead of that money being siphoned off to the coffers of Punk Ass Bitch Republican Warmongers like Eric Prince.

Then as Veterans returned from repeated deployments and faced the Bush neglected medical care at Walter Reed and reduced dwell time at home, many succumbed to depression and committed suicide, Right Wingers didn't care but instead spent all the years of the Bush Administration defending Bush and attacking Liberals while paying lip service to praise for Veterans who languished because the Republicans and their Teabagging Birtherite Minions don't care about living Veterans and use the dead to further advance Republican ambitions of Profit over People.

From Politics Plus: Happy Veterans Day and Thank You
With that in mind, I considered the ongoing GOP claim that Democrats do not support our troops, but Republicans do. I visited Project Vote Smart to learn what our veterans have to say about just who it is that has their backs. The Disabled American Veterans gave 200 national politicians a 100% perfect rating. All 200 are Democrats. They gave 32 national politicians a rating of 50% or less. All 32 are Republicans. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave 85 national politicians an A+, A or A- rating. All 85 are Democrats. They gave 49 national politicians a D, D- or F rating. All 49 are Republicans. It seems that Republicans call it supporting the troops whenever they vote for a measure to funnel billions into the pockets of war profiteers, but when it calls to actually taking care of our vets, they almost invariably complain about the costs and oppose it. So I encourage you all to do remove Republicans from office.


Basil Plumley said... said...

Coming from an asshole like you it's hard to believe

TomCat said...

Thanks for the hat-tip Gene. Great post here that points out the GOP hypocrisy on this issue.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Hey disagracer of a hero's name Fake Basil, what's hard to believe that being a Cowardly Chicken Hawk is ingrained into Republicans or that you are, most likely, a coward who supports the likes of Pete Roskam and Saxby Chambliss over Wounded Veterans Tammy Duckworth and Max Cleland?

Because neither of those 100% accurate Republican traits is hard to believe...