Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The DC Sniper and a Question of Terrorism

Riding on the winds of death
Raining from the sky
Suffocating final breath
The misery sublime

Shock and Awe
Eradicate eliminate exterminate at will
Shock and Awe
Rapid execution termination orchestration of the dead
~ Shock 'n' Awe, Onslaught

Despite his execution, the murderous DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad clearly was a figment of the imagination and did not exist. I know this because for years the Chicken Hawk Pimp Dick Cheney bragged unequivocally He kept America Safe from Terrorism Every Single Day He Was in Power after that whole 9/11 failure (shhhhh Amerithrax Attacks). Cheney the Pimp was backed by his ever lying prostitute/daughter Liz Cheney and the Fox News TV SpecFor Commandos.

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans backed Cheney and his man Bush despite of and in support of their repeated failures home and abroad. And the Iraq War was framed by the Extremist Right as the War on Terror and all attacks on American forces in Iraq were terrorist acts and all the combatants were terrorists.

It's only Terrorism when they do it, It's Shocking Glorious Freedom when we do it.

9/11 was a horrible Act of Terrorism. So what was Shock and Awe? For that matter what was the Fire Bombing of Dresden? Clearly the target of such overwhelming attacks is to kill and cow the civilian population into surrender, despite stated goals expressed by US Government officials.

Mushy Chicken Hawk Know-Nothing Jonah Goldberg declared he doesn't believe the Fort Hood Incident to be Terrorism. According to him Terrorism is: by conventional definition, an attack on civilians intended to strike fear in the non-military population in order to advance a political or ideological agenda.

Well, a true definition of Terrorism is War. War is Terrorism.

But! But... the problem is the individual soldier isn't a Terrorist however, collectively We as a Society allow unscrupulous men to use them in Terrorist actions.

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