Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Apparatus of Government Controls You Utterly

The entire apparatus of government is a Rube Goldberg machine. It's huge, complex, cumbersome, slow, and designed for the simple task of controlling you. Of course perhaps that's an insult to Rube Goldberg. The goal is not just control but domination which you willingly accept or are not even conscious of... It's hard to cut the strings if you don't realize you're a marionette.

Now, it may be man requires a form of government for arbitration, defense and peace keeping but a there is no way a monstrosity 1000 miles away (from the Chicagoland area that is) can respond quickly or effectively to your needs or problems, just ask the residents of New Orleans, the aftermath of which showed the limitations and downright incompetence of even State Government.

But, even after spectacular failures such as Katrina and the Imperial decrees of little more the 500 Masters of DC to invade and overthrow foreign rulers (whom they no longer like) Americans still acquiesce and defend the Apparatus.

Even when the rulers, such as Phil Graham, safely ensconced in their insular world of Government=Lobbyist, tell the plebeians to Just rub some dirt on it and quit whining about gas or home foreclosures and the recession in your little minds, Americans acquiesce to their Masters.

And why? Because we the people are taught that to be against the Apparatus is evil and wrong in and of itself. We are taught to revere the Apparatus itself. We the People are taught throughout life to place ourselves in the box and ignore or destroy anyone who tries to get out of the box.

This begins early in life with an education system imported during the Golden Era of Prussian Militantism.

It continues when the Apparatus creates an unending string of little bans upon your life designed to turn everyone in the State into a criminal and to captialize upon the natural instincts possessed by every human other than sociopaths or psychopaths.

The State then ensures resistance to the enforcement bears a double edge. The Apparatus of Government outlaws resistance to force and when it chooses to exercise it's power it sends not the masters but pawns. Any rational human bears in mind if he resists he is not striking out against the Machine in some Matrix inspired fight for freedom, but fighting with an agent of the State who is most likely caught up in the same net and held under the sway of the Machine as well.

And the Apparatus continues by encouraging people to believe they can work within the system for slow and systematic change. Society can't handle rapid changes is usually the bromide dispensed to those working for change. By the time any real change has been adopted those who worked for it are long dead and buried. See Haymarket Square.

Working gradually within the system is, as Tolstoy reasoned, a self-delusion which benefits the Apparatus.
It is ineffectual and irrational because Government... knows very well what is really dangerous to it. and will never let people who submit to it and act under its guidance do anything that will undermine its authority. And therefore, as both reason and experience clearly show, such an illusory, gradual conquest of rights is a self-deception which suits the government admirably, and which it, therefore, is even ready to encourage.

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