Monday, July 14, 2008

I Hate Your Lawn

I hate Lawns. The lawn was an invention of the those who could demonstrate their conspicuous wealth. They were a signal like pasty white skin that the owner of the property was wealthy enough to grow a useless crop on his lands and hire others to care for it.

Nowadays, every American house has a lawn. Tending a lawn does not induce a sense of calm and serenity. There is no Walden like tranquility to be gained from the large amount of labor required to maintain a healthy lawn. Lawns need excessive amounts of water, gas (or electricty) to power the noisy trimming machine used weekly, chemicals to keep it a bright sought after green and pesticides to fight the foul insects which invade lawns.

Some of the worst lawns in America are located in Arizona. Tremendous amounts of water are needed to bring big useless green zones to the desert. Much to their credit though, Pima County has a long history of water conservation efforts. In the article a quote from 90 years ago indicated Tucson residents recognized the waste of water on lawns in the desert: Water is Wasted in Irrigating Lawns.

If you don't have kids or dogs I'm not sure what great benefits the Hulk Lawn gives you. Do you really find it aesthiscally more pleasing than say a ground covering "lawn" of Pachysandra or other walkable non-grass ground covers?

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