Wednesday, May 7, 2008

US Army or Caesar's Tenth Legion

The Dod has sounded the alarm:
In an announcement that puts troops and their families in the middle of a political dispute, a Pentagon spokesman said Tuesday that the Army will not be able to pay soldiers after June 15 unless Congress approves an emergency war funding bill.
What this means is the DoD used the funds set aside for soldier's pay for other purposes. Most likely, buying nearly useless MRAP vehicles, bribes to the Anbar Imams or to buy Erik Prince another fortified Dr. Evil mansion.

Why is the alarm being raised of the evil pro-terrorist loving Never were Anti-War Democrat Congress won't pay Private First Class Jones?

Because this is political gold for the Warfare State. It gives them the hammer of the Troops to bludgeon the people into submission. Give us the money or we wont pay your kids. Quite succinctly - Pay us or your kids die.

At least John Murtha has the guts to call this for what it is:
“It is unacceptable for the Pentagon to make a political statement like that, scaring troops and their families in time of war. They know they’re going to be paid, and we know they’re going to be paid,” Murtha said.

Or this means we're further along the Roman Imperial Road.
According to Appian this is what transpired.
"What is it you want? State your demands," Caesar said.
No one answered at first. Appian says that none had the courage to ask for money and so one or two men began to call out for their discharge. They had been detained in the legions, and they wanted to go home. There were loud choruses of agreement.
"Very well," Caesar responded, "I discharge you. all of you."
There was stunned silence.
"And," he went on after a judicious pause, "I will pay you everything I promised you, after I win this war with other legions, and after they have had their just rewards."
~ Stephen Dando-Collins, Caesar's Legion pg 147.

Maybe Congress could pay the War profiteers based on success. You'll get your TRILLIONS after we've won the war in Iraq. I bet the Occupation would end rather quickly in that case.

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