Saturday, May 10, 2008

How long before Mary Tillman is smeared ala Cindy Sheehan?

Mary Tillman has published a book examining the hell she has gone through since the death of her son Pat Tillman. I have not read the book, but I have followed the unfolding story over the last 4 years. Mary Tillman has recently done several interviews (here, here and here) speaking out aganist the Bush Regime and the cover-up surrounding her son's death.

I'm waiting for the Coulter screed labeling Mary and "kook" or "tool" of the Democrats. Coulter extolled Pat Tillman as "an American original-virtuous, pure and masculine like only an American male can be." Which is why she had to state "I don't believe it" when it was learned Tillman was anti-war and was going to talk with someone like Noam Chomsky, which the Warmongers at FreeRepublic couldn't understand either.

Pat Tillman's enlistment and death were used by the Bush regime. Simple fact. But, why?

Blog posts especially at the loathsome FreeRepublic were upset that the truth should come out. You see to many Freepers every soldier killed has died a hero for American "National Interests". And the circumstances surrounding their deaths should never, ever be revealed for such revelations might lead to questions and questions lead to doubts and doubts lead to discontent with the Rulers.

There has never been a more pernicious lie than "National Interests".

It takes an intestinal fortitude to look deeper and realize what Tillman and others may have died for are the interests of a handful of people whose Interests don't extend much past their own offshore bank accounts.

But, we aren't supposed to know or worry about that. We are supposed to Support the Troops by Supporting the Mission. And the mission in Iraq is...

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