Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Soriano is NOT a Chicago Cub

he is a Yankee. And like all things New York Yankee, they are anathema to good baseball and a curse on the Major Leagues.

Alfonso Soriano was a bad signing. All the talk in Chicago was the Cubs brass wanted to make a big free agent acquisition and Soriano was the big name. Soriano parlayed a 40 home run 40 stolen base with the Washington Nationals into a 136 million contract over 8 years.

Soriano has several deficiencies (as a baseball player). He's selfish. He's a terrible leadoff hitter. He won't play unless he bats leadoff. He can not field. He can not run. He doesn't draw walks and he strikes out too much. His inability to run to and make attempts at catching fly balls in left field have led directly to the recent 3 losses to the Brewers and Cardinals.

Also it's great for the team when the highest paid player won't do something as simple as change his position in the batting order to aid the team. And what's worse is he isn't hitting. I might be able to stifle my discontent with his demands if Soriano was hitting, but he's not, he's batting a paltry .177. Ronny Cedeno and AAA player Mike Fontenot are out hitting him. He's not a superstar. And he's going to be doing this to Cub Fans until 2016.

For Cub Fans we are going to look back at the blown victory against the Brewers on 1 May as the turning point of the season. The day the season was lost.

But, you know the best thing about Baseball? Especially when it's delivered via The Glass Teat? The Federal Mafia knows the Bread and Circuses routine still works to distract the people they rule from things like $4.00+ per gallon gas and the dead and wounded in Iraq...

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