Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Worthless Thoughts and Empty Prayers to be sent to Jersey City

This time of year, Americans of all faiths get together to share and celebrate. But, our most powerful god Moloch doesn't take time off for the Holidays. No, Moloch's hunger never ceases and his high Priests in the NRA have made certain Moloch will get his daily feast of the blood of Americans. And since America is such a religiously tolerant Nation, erstwhile Christians offer up their Thoughts&Prayers after each sacrifice.

Perhaps you thought the 4 shoot dead by the Police in Miami (2 evil criminals who needed be shot down for Justice & Moloch and 2 collateral damage for an astounding great 50% ratio!) but, no the Altar of the Holey Second Amendment, must be awash in blood nightly.

And in Edinburgh, Texas 4 sacrifices were found in an apartment. These are just your run-of-the-mill sacrifices not the spectacular ones ala New Jersey.

In Jersey City, NJ two suspects killed an anti-gun task force Detective, credited with getting hundreds of guns off the street, in a cemetery before they ended up in a Kosher grocery store for an hours long gun fight. 6 Americans thus spilt their hot blood upon the NRA's Nationwide Shrine to Moloch.

And perhaps we should not forget the 4 killed in Pensacola by a Saudi National who despite being Muslim wished to participate in our uniquely American Religion and made sacrifice to Moloch.

But, on Facebook and Twitter the acolytes of Moloch scream and howl when you dare to threaten their religion; It was a gun-free zone! That state, town, county is a DEMOCRAT controlled area! Look at the footage it's a staged event!!! You don't know how a semi-automatic works! SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! MOLON LABE!

The Second Amendment is the Most Powerful Commandment in the Gun Nuts Religion. It is also what will eventually lead to the destruction of America. With the Neoliberal hollowing out of this Nation's economic heart, leaving millions of Americans destitute or on the verge of poverty, people turn to destructive habits to fill the void of the future stolen from them by Trickle-Down Reaganomics; thus deaths from the Opioid Epidemic and the Gun.

America is awash in easily obtainable firearms and despite all the lies about DGUs the Nation is suffering horrific gun violence as a result. We have been conducting a live experiment to see whether a heavily armed Nation is a safer and more polite Nation; and the results are an irrefutable No.

But, as with everything in this Nation the data are immediately treated to false interpretation by bad faith actors. Conservatives immediately argue one of the three things:
  • we don't have enough guns,
  • the shooting in question is a false-flag staged event,
  • the incident in question is the fault of minorities.
When you cut through all the phony legalese and angry firearm functionality you can see Gun Nuts love their God Moloch more than anything and often believe they will be immune to gun violence because they display Moloch totems openly and proudly.

So, while the chances you yourself will be killed in a Mass Shooting are infinitesimal the ritual of a Mass Shooting in America is a metaphysical certainty; we average more than one a day and gun violence is a non-stop component of everyday American life now. No more shocking or news worthy than the cliche dog bites man.

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