Monday, November 18, 2019

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 3: Bill Barr's Excellent Adventure

Lost among the Impeachment Brouhaha, has been the strange journeys of Attorney General Bill Barr. Now, no one should be surprised Bill Barr is a brazen corrupt Hatchet Man. It's what he's been trained and brought in for; to undermine Law & Order and excuse rampant Republican Criminality. He did it during Iran-Contra and he's doing it now.

AG Barr has been traveling around the globe attempting to get Foreign Governments to announce Investigations into Democratic Presidential Candidates or The Left in general. It's a shocking display of naked fascism and a dastardly criminal conspiracy and worse... This shit almost worked! Giuliani and his Ukrainian Mobsters were on their way to announce the investigation to Sean Hannity when the arrests were made.

Barr and the Trump Maladministration would have used Sean Hannity's "reporting" to announce a criminal investigation here in the US and Trump would have peppered his ridiculous adderall fueled Nuremberg Adjacent Rallies to declare This Country and That Country are investigating the Radical Left Democrats. It would have quickly be assimilated into the Magat Horde blood stream, relentlessly churned into daily rightwing on-line screeds (buttressed by FSB bot accounts) gotten woven into the #QAnon bread crumbs, been the subject of non-stop Media Coverage, and easily morphed into a call to arrest every Democrat.

Obviously, Republicans believe by having foreign nations cast aspersions they can act as though their hands are clean and allow the Media to run with their propaganda and create But Her Emails and I Love Wikileaks 2.0. Fortunately, the Trump Extortion and Bribery Quid Pro Quo failed and it fueled Trump's Impeachment. But, AG Bill Barr is not one to have his criminal actions undone by anything. So, Barr has given two speeches calling upon Reactionary's to Grid up their Loins and prepare to murder millions of Non-#Maga.

In August, Barr gave a speech to the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, a horrific Fascist Authoritarian Leadership cabal, which has worked for years to turn Police Forces across the Country into Reactionary Paramilitary Organizations enforcing white supremacy and the rightwing agenda of multi-tiered justice and oppression.

But, Barr was just getting started. His latest fascist rant, delivered to the Federalist Society (the groomers of "Justice" Boofer Kavanugh), is chock full of the standard rightwing rhetoric which Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Racist Limbaugh and other rightwing "luminaries" have been puking forth for decades. But, Barr's latest Blut und Boden speech also incorporates religious language, "progressive holy war", "conservatives do not seek earthly paradise" progressives use "the coercive power of the state to remake man and society". Anytime you read something like that every American should feel a shiver down their spine and grit their teeth. Because once conservatives invoke Gott Mit Uns... Well, all things become reasonable... and necessary...

Conservatives are aching and yearning for Trump and his Maladministration to give them the go ahead to begin rounding-up and killing millions of Americans. And AG Bill Barr just delivered the Fascism wrapped in the Flag and carrying the Cross...

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