Friday, November 8, 2019

Rape-publican Jim Jordan Knew and conservatives love him for it

Jim Jordan personally knew about sexual assaults at Ohio State and did nothing. Worse than doing nothing Jordan's dereliction of duty and blasé indifference to sexual assaults which he knew about allowed further young men to be victimized. At least 177 male students, some as young as 14-15, where sexually assaulted by Richard Strauss at Ohio State University, in over 1400 reported incidents between the years 1978 and 1996. Jordan was a coach there from 1986 to 1994.

But, don't expect Dennis Hastert Jr to resign. When confronted with their criminal malfeasance, Republicans get angry, scream, cry, pout and yell at their accusers and victims, until allowed to continue holding office. And conservatives can be counted upon to rally 'round and defend all Republican Sex Criminals as they vociferously did with Boofer O'Kavanugh, Roy Moore and Rapist Trump himself. Privilege means "Private Law" and the biggest privilege in Politics is IOKIYAR.

What is fascinating with the giant Awakening QAnon Pizzagate Adrenochrome conspiracy cohort is how easily identifiable sexual criminals like Roy Moore, Jim Jordan, Justice Kavanugh, and Traitor Rapist Racist Trump escape their steely eye and "exhaustive on-line research". Until you realize the #Pizzagate Liars are specifically tasked with muddying the waters with agitprop specifically to defend conservative rapists.

Remember that on Twitter conservatives have claimed there are thousands of secret arrests and thousands more secret arrest warrants just waiting for Trump's go-ahead to round-up a cabal of child abusing criminals. It's pure nonsense and a total fabrication; but it serves the purpose of allowing conservative to claim Trump is Great. Conservatives love lies and hate America. So, the rightwing internet can be counted upon to claim the lawsuit filed is "Fake News" and return to their "research" proving #Pizzagate is true...

Of course, the Rape-publican Plan to move Jim Jordan into the House Intelligence Committee makes perfect sense. Jordan never saw a crime he didn't want to ignore and Jim Jordan the Rape Enabler would make a perfect choice to deny Traitor Trump committed High Crimes & Misdemeanors. 

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