Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Occam's razor has been replaced by Dubya's Catapult

"Ya gotta catapult the propaganda..." - W(orst POTUS Ever) explains the method by which rightwing drones are made.

It used to be thought the gatekeepers of knowledge were keeping man from reaching his full potential since they were blocking the free exchange of information between people. The internet was supposed to change all that.

It failed.

Instead, the floodgates were opened to all the toxic sewage in peoples' minds and active disinformation, outright lies, and cleverly crafted #agitprop flowed freely and poisoned everything. Expert research on climatology can be dismissed by some nameless jamoke saying 'Nuh-uh', bad faith actors can declare Jade Helm is a secret Muslim Brotherhood invasion and the Governor and Lt Governor of Texas rally the National Guard. 20 dead children can be dismissed by some on-line gun fetish weirdo who demands you explain the recoil action of the butt stock spring.

Conservatives really took advantage of the end of the media fairness doctrine in the 1980's and then unleashed their disinformation prophets via Talk Radio, Faux News, email list servers, and now the ubiquitous social media factories to pump their toxic Rightwing propaganda directly into the brains of their drones.

Faster than Mark Twain's lie can run around the world and at far more rapid pace than Gish's Gallop, rightwing lies are disseminated, absorbed and regurgitated amongst the faithful and then no matter what, never forgotten. Truth is completely relative and subjective now. On the plus side, Racist Limbaugh, Faux News and Traitor Trump have effectively murdered Ayn Rand's Objectivism.

Over at No More Mister Nice Blog, they have a good example of the methodology of a rightwing fabrication from 2017, about the massive Muslim terrorism and No-Go Zones in Sweden. It's been throughly debunked but, it doesn't matter the information has been absorbed and all good #MAGAts know sans evidence Trump is right, Sweden is a muslim rape fest and hosannah they repeat it everywhere.

Trump despite his limitations latched onto the "Fake News" refrain which afforded him the simple ability to dismiss all criticism and conservatives having been dutifully and willfully self-brainwashed to simply repeat it, to avoid cognitive dissonance and ignore all amount of evidence, for instance the disgusting video evidence of a gross leacherous Trump and his best buddy Jeffrey Epstein on the prowl.

I don't believe we can overcome this. Propaganda has won and Trump's "invasion" rhetoric and raw racism and witch hunt cries have already lead to violence and death and conservatives are waiting and yearning for Trump to give them the go ahead to round up and kill the Non-#MAGA.

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