Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Local Philadelphia businessman defends himself against 6 armed Democrat attackers

But, will the fake news media report about it honestly? Doubtful!

According to the lying Democrat Government as reported to the lying CNN;
(CNN) - Police have been in an hours long standoff with a suspect who they say shot six officers on Wednesday in a North Philadelphia neighborhood. Police were first called to the Nicetown-Tiago neighborhood for drug activity, Capt. Sekou Kinebrew told CNN affiliate KYW. "We are trying to get him to come out peacefully, but he is refusing to do so,” Ross said, adding there’s no indication that the gunman will surrender.
Oh sure!!! A Democrat dominated city is going to report the truth about a local businessman? Nope, just smear him as a drug-dealer. And it's not like the local businessman had any reason to fear for his life when confronted by racist Philadelphia Police Officers.

Thoughts? Prayers? Meh. An armed society is a polite society. The Price of Freedom is the constant blood sacrifice upon the Holey Altar of the Second Amendment. The Dayton killer killed 9 people and wounded another 26 inside of 30 seconds.

We are rapidly approaching the Gun Nut Singularity. The black hole of NRA policy is the destruction of all laws and the concept of government itself. Already gun nuts descend across every social media platform and declare enforce the laws on the books at the same time they state gun laws don't work. The Constitution may not be a suicide pact but, funded by Russian money, the NRA have transformed the Second Amendment into a murder-suicide pact.

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