Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Traitor Trump, Respublikanets, and conservative criminals

It's incontrovertible the Respublikanets Party, numerous members of Traitor Trump's campaign, Trump's son, Vice-Traitor Mike Pence, and the Arch-Traitor Donald Trump himself allied with the FSB, additional agents of the Russian Spy Network, the Russian Government, and Vladimir Putin to illegally steal the 2016 Presidential election thus committing high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Respublikanet Party allied with Russia in service to their Plutocratic Overlords. As such they were willing to violate laws, undercut the election process, undermine U.S. Intelligence agencies, and betray the American people, because they knew Donald Trump as President would fast track their agenda of intolerance, oppression and adulation of rich.  Republicans hate the United States of America. Republicans believed they have a chance to eliminate the social safety net, end the American Dream and shackle the American people under crushing burden of corporate bondage.

As the evidence of Trump's Treason against the United States of America mounts conservatives have turned to a well-worn tactic first advanced by creationists.  To attack the fact of evolution, duplicitous conservative creationists demand that every facet of evolution needs to be explained or it's not true.  Russia and the Republicans colluded in treason to steal the election but, conservatives claim unless you can show every in and out, every shred of evidence, then it's not true.

Additionally, Republican criminals have changed their ardent denials from there was never any collusion, to the collusion occurred but's it's a "Nothingburger".  Now conservatives proclaim the collusion which they say never occurred is the fault of Barack Obama.

The Traitor Trump family, the Russian-aligned Republicans and their conservative criminals will never admit to their monstrous crimes and treason.  As the evidence mounts and the downfall of Arch-Traitor Trump grows more and more likely the Republican villains are going to issue louder and louder calls for political violence to their conservative domestic terrorist cells who are just aching to be unleashed to murder their enemies, the American People, in an orgy of violence instead of the slow death inflicted by Republican laws.

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