Sunday, July 16, 2017

They Don't Care Republicans Cruz forward with medical plan to kill millions of Americans Update: Republican Senate fails

If you were Wealthy, You'd be Healthy
Since you're Poor, there's the Funeral Door

The Banana Republican Party latest plan to kill thousands and bankrupt millions of Americans is moving forward in fits and starts.  As the Party of Treason and Subversion of the United States the Respublikanskaya Partiya hates the American People and wishes to curtail the gains Americans made in the 20th century.

The Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare with They Don't Care is a case in point.  Republicans rallied against the ACA for 7 years!  They gnashed their teeth, they tore their hair, they beat their breasts, if only that Dastardly Obama would get out of the way they, the Republicans, would pass a Healthcare Insurance Law which would stand for all time.

Now, since the 2016 elections, the Republicans hold the entire Federal Government.  Yet, all they've mananged to propose are plans so cobbled together, so inane, and so monstorously evil even their duped and battered right-wing drones don't support it and the Insurance Industry has declared the latest version which includes the Ted Cruz Amendment "unworkable".  Ah, but there is one group which supports it, the Republicans Masters' the 1%.

Trump's campaign gave conservatives everything they wanted. Outright bigotry, violent racist language, implied calls for violence and explicit consent to harm the American People.

But Trump's election gave Republicans a chance to get everything they and the 1% have wanted; an End to American Dream and the elimination of the Social Safety Net.  Republicans serve the Plutocracy and the Plutocracy has no use for the American Dream. Republicans view American's value only in terms of the amount of work each American can do and the amount of excess labor value the Vulture Capitalist class can extract from each them.

The Progressive gains of the 20th century marked an actual rise for Americans which the Founding of the Nation and the Glided Age of the 19th century kept confined to the owners of the Nation.  And those Owners, the 1%, hate those progressive gains.  Because when the working class is no longer held in the shackles of corporate bondage and wage slavery they go on and create a pluralistic society with broad based protections for workers, the elderly, the afllicted with a chance for future generations to rise above the preceeding.

The Republicans HATE that.  The Republicans want a return to the days when a railway worker losing an arm on the job was kicked off at the next stop and left to fend for himself.  The Republicans want a return to the days when elderly coal miners were glad not to have been killed in an unsafe mine explosion or cave-in so they can instead whither away of black lung disease and die in a pauper's hovel.  The Republicans want a return to the days when medical care, education, pensions, and the prosepct of living and enjoying your golden years was reserved for the Rich.

The Republicans Don't Care and that is the Healthcare law they are passing.

The Republican Don't Care bill has apparently failed.  While it's fortunate the Republicans are as flaccid and incompetent as they are anti-American but, until the Republicans are removed from Congress they won't stop in their efforts to kill the poor and impoverish the working class.


One Fly said...

All that and more Gene. I say this sorta thing to people on my side and they think I'm fucking nuts for the most part. They thought the same prior to the invasion of Iraq. Years of preparation has got them here to exactly where they want to be and I doubt they will be denied very much. It truly sucks and I literally despise all of them no matter who they are.

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,

It's truly a sad state of affairs that conservatives have been so programmed by right-wing propaganda (i.e. LIES) that a large portion of them will never believe the evidence of Trump's and the Republican Party perfidy, these evil vicious people will be dutifully loading liberals, feminists, minorities onto the trains and telling themselves they love freedom and liberty.

W. Hackwhacker said...

The Republican Party is a collection of most of the country's bigots, ignoramuses, Bible- humping hypocrites, liars, authoritarians, sociopaths, ... did I leave anything out?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Chickenhawks and Traitors.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Good catch!