Saturday, August 13, 2016

What a Country! Trump is in bed with Putin and his daughters! Updated: Now with more Paul Manafort

I mean this literally... No, I'm just joking... Or, am I? No, no, no it's sarcasm... Actually, it's the truth Trump has, most likely, sexually abused his daughters.

But, Trump's sordid past and criminal actions against his daughters will never be properly investigated because of Donald's mafia ties in New York. So, we'll just have his inappropriate actions and comments in public which clearly indicate his decades long criminal sexual abuse.

But, why won't Trump release his tax returns? Well, for one thing because it will show he's cash poor but, more devastaingly it will highlight how Trump is Putin's lapdog.

After American investors, banks, companies, and his own employees learned that Trump doesn't pay his debts they stopped doing business with him. But, Vladimir Putin knows a shrewd investment and he bought himself an all-American loudmouth.

Because remember Trump assured America, Putin and Russia aren't going into the Ukraine, despite having invaded the Ukraine and annexing the Crimea 2 years ago.

Of course, even worse than Trump's subservience to Putin and Russia, Trump also doesn't want details of the organizations he's made charitable donations too. Because Trump didn't donate to any Veterans or 9/11 1st responders charities but, has made significant contributions to NAMBLA. This is evidenced by Trump's fellow pedophile Mark Foley, former Republican Congressman, being in seated in a place of honor directly behind Trump at his rallies.

And so conservatives and evangelicals have jettisoned all semblance of respectability and their so-called values, to allow themselves to be bought cheaply by a tacky, foreign owned con-artist.

Oops, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort didn't know ledgers were being kept detailing the millions of dollars he was being paid to be a Russian Stooge! So, how much money did Manafort help funnel to Trump from Putin? 10 times as much as he was paid to be Trump's handler? More?

It's especially delicious that former/current Trump aide Corey Lewandowski apparently stuck the shiv in Manafort, revealing further evidence that Trump is Putin's bitch...


The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

Concerning Trump's taxes showing a link to Russian oligarchs... there is evidence there could be something to that one. As for your other suspicions, many people are saying those things may also be true. I looked into it.

DMC said...

You remember WHY Putin seized Crimea, right? Not just because of whim, because neo-con Victoria Nuland arranged for a coup against the legally elected president Yushenko. The stuff about Trump as Putins lapdog is just more campaign rhetoric for the people that nearly started ww3 over Ukraine.

Grung_e_Gene said...

No DMC I don't "remember" that, and just because some right-wing internet sites claimed it doesn't make it true. But, then again when evidence is lacking I'm certain you "remember" all sorts of things that aren't true or supported by pesky things like "evidence".