Friday, August 19, 2016

Shocking! How Fox News could fix Obamacare and save the brain-damaged dying Hillary Clinton

Modern right wing nut jobs are Masters of watching video. It's really their only marketable skill, watching tv. They've turned sitting on their expansive behinds, watching events happen hundreds of miles away from them, and then taking to the radio and internet to uncover the conspiracy, into an artform! All without leaving the comforts of home.

In the past, they've had spectacular successes, like when right-wingers debunked the Sandy Hook massacre; as completely made up and no children or adults died that day. Conservatives were able to stave off Obama's Gun Grab and saved the Republic! Now, right-wingers, led by Breitbart, have uncovered the shocking truth! Hillary Clinton is on death's door from various multiple brain injuries.

It's just fascinating how conservatives with no medical training can make detailed medical diagnoses via youtube video clips and from watching Sean Hannity. This is a criminally untapped medical resource! No longer do we have to wear the shackles of Obamacare! Just post a video on-line and right-wing nut jobs will provide you the diagnosis of your illness! The American People will save millions of dollars in medical expenses!

Of course, when it comes to HRC, the spot-on diagnosis of her brain damage unfortunately don't confine themselves to just a dispassionate Hippocratic analysis but, venture into the realm of death wish magic.

Conservatives can't help themselves wishing their enemies die. It's who they are and how they act. Conservatives seethe with anger and are nought but, violent balls of rage, waiting to unleash their fury on those who've stolen America from its' rightful owners; the white conservative male.

As the right-wing incestuous internet fills up with thousands of articles and videos about HRC, including the Trump Campaign claiming she has brain damage, it appears conservatives are all in on the HRC is brain-damaged as well as evil incarnate.

Is it a winning strategy?


W. Hackwhacker said...

For Republicans to claim HRC has brain damage is projection taken to the extreme (although one might argue that Republicans aren't brain damaged, but rather brain dead).

Grung_e_Gene said...

Exactly, if you listen's to Trump's babble you hear all of his weaknesses, i.e. claiming HRC is friends with Putin, the claim about foreign money funding the foundation, the health fears.

Dervish Sanders said...

A PPP NC poll says "Trump said last week that Hillary Clinton is the devil, and 41% of Trump voters say they think she is indeed the devil to 42% who disagree with that sentiment and 17% who aren't sure one way or the other". You'd think that, if she was Satan, that she'd be healthier. Because, whatever her evil plan is, she has to live to carry it out. Anyway (in NC) the poll also notes that, among people who are HRC supporters, 6 percent aren't sure if she is the Devil or not. PPP further notes that "40% of Trump voters think that ACORN (which hasn't existed in years) will steal the election for Clinton [which] shows the long staying power of GOP conspiracy theories".

Dervish Sanders said...

Here's the scoop... according to the American Liberty Report "Clinton is suffering from subcortical vascular dementia caused by narrowing of the arteries which provide blood to the brain. Symptoms of the dementia include changes in mood or personality, clumsiness, unsteady walking, gaps in speaking and forgetfulness".

Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump's doctor says his health is "astonishingly excellent", adding "his health is excellent, especially his mental health" also that his brain is switched on "24 hours a day".

Point being that a vote for Hillary Clinton is actually a vote for a president Tim Kaine, as Hillary will almost certainly be dead soon. Donald J. Trump, while he might be the oldest person ever elected president, will be the healthiest president ever. So he surely will be around for his full 2 terms (elected to the 2nd term with 95% of the African American vote, BTW).

As for ObamaCare, it's going to be repealed and replaced with something excellent by President Trump. Believe him.