Monday, July 20, 2015

Prepare to have the #Blacklivesmatter movement ratfucked becuase Conservatives Love when Cops kill Black People

The United States has always vilified and demonized black people. Now, I'm not advising you to drive down Roosevelt Ave into Lawndale, the Vice Lords "Holy City", anytime soon but, in America every Black Person is a priori a criminal.

However, it's even more nefarious than just rabidly defending every White Officer who guns down an unarmed black man. The Conservative Media Complex in this Nation will spare no duplicitous strategy in obfuscating, muck-racking and slandering any black person who happens to be executed by Police Officers or self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captains.

And not content with demonizing the murdered black person Faux News, rabidly racist right-wing internet media and so-called Libertarians immediately seek to minimize and lie about the actions of the murderous white racists. As when they pretended that Dylann Roof's murderous domestic terrorist attack was really on attack on the Christian Faith. A gorgeous, devious lie which allowed conservatives to segue into the phony War on American Christians. And this is because, the majority of conservatives are white domestic terrorists and racist neoconfederates.

It's fortunate no racist, insane "Witness 40" came forward to lie about the murder of Walter Scott, as "Witness 40" did with her "first-hand journal" of the Mike Brown's murder. Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin and other conservative villains relentlessly referenced her so-called account as justification for Brown's execution. And that the bystander had the courage to record Scott's killing at significant risk to his own life, so the right-wing internet fart bubble wasn't able to lie to justify Scott's execution.

Every police officer should know the basic meaning, if not the entire ruling of the 1985 SCOTUS Tennessee v. Garner, which explicitly lays why a LEO can not shoot a fleeing suspect.

As well as, the 1989 Graham v. Connor, which requires the Officer take into account the severity of the crime when effecting an arrest or "seizure".

But, these ruling are why every Officer has been coached to proclaim fearing for his life in these incidents. Because don't fool yourself, every LEO has received official and unofficial advice prior to any statements.

But, the unconstitutional summary executions of black people isn't slowing down. In Stonewall, Mississippi a horse and buggy driver named Jonathan Sanders was choked to death by a part-time Police Officer who apparently wanted to show off to his wife (who was on a ride-along) how he could terrorize and brutalize black people.

The "suicide" of Sandra Bland in Texas stems directly from a violation of Graham v. Connor. During a traffic stop, not a Forcible Felony stop, Bland was thrown to ground and forcibly restrained before being put into a holding cell where Texas Officials proclaim they think they saw a plastic bag which she must have used to hang herself. Already the Texas Deputy who forcefully threw Bland to the ground on the traffic stop has been suspended for violating Department Policy on "courtesy during traffic stops." But, since Sheriff Glenn Smith, has previously been fired as a Police Chief before being elected Sheriff, for being racist it'll be up to the Texas Rangers, FBI and Department of Justice to ensure a proper investigation is conducted.

But, don't expect the Right-Wing Media Complex or the rabid racist white conservatives to give a fuck about Supreme Court Rulings, Department Policies or visual video evidence. None of those facets have dissuaded them before and they won't in regards to Bland's "suicide" or any of the deaths of blacks at the hands of Police. Conservatives believe the Police exist for the purpose of Killing Black People.

Already, the scouring of her past has begun as youtube videos have been found wherein Bland talks about suffering from depression. As with criminal background becomes de rigueur evidence that the killing of Mike Brown or Eric Garner or Trayvon Martin were justified, Bland's depression is going to be used by conservative bigots to proclaim she committed suicide and allow them to go back to stating all blacks are criminals who get what they deserve.

But, while these instances are case by case instances of conservative Ratfucking of the murdered individual, a systemic institutional catch-all Ratfuck is being developed by powerful members of the Law Enforcement Community to undermine the entire #Blacklivesmatter movement.

Recall, the "Credible Evidence" of a truce/pact between major factions of the Folks/Peoples Gang structure ivo Baltimore to engage in open warfare and attempts to murder Police Officers was leaked by Law Enforcement Intelligence Community.

While, this accomplished the desired effect of turning attention from Freddie Gray's death via a "rough ride" and towards getting public opinion against the protesters while allowing the media to broadcast the protests were a coordinated criminal enterprise by career criminals (i.e. Black people).

Of course, Faux News ran dozens of segments a day about property damage and a burned out CVS, which every dutiful right-wing blogger repeated on every platform of social media in order to delegitimize the movement and turn every person involved into a criminal suspect.

But, it was just the opening salvo in the whispering campaign trying to paint the #Blacklivesmatter movement as being funded by criminal gangs, foreign governments and international terrorist organizations.

The Right-Wing is not going to allow #Blacklivesmatter to succeed. It's not the 1960's anymore, they can't rely on proclamations of "Outside Agitators" and expect the majority of Americans to support the shooting and strangulation of unarmed blacks. They learned a great deal from their success at lying about Iraq and building a groundswell of support by disseminating false intelligence and propaganda.

Each and every black person's murder is going to strengthen the resolve of Conservatives, it's going to sharpen their vitriol and heighten they pandering to the most reactionary rabid racist elements of their party, which are no longer just a unspoken minority but the loud and vociferous super majority of the Right.

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