Friday, July 17, 2015

And I Raaaaan! Iran so far away and the Disloyal Republican Opposition back home

The P5+1 Diplomatic success vis-a-vis Iran is yet another Foreign Policy Triumph for the Obama Administration. But, more importantly it lays the groundwork for improved worldwide relations unless a Republican President is anointed again, ala 2000, in 2016.

Prized GOP hopeful Scott Walker denounced diplomacy and declared he'll use magic, "I will terminate that deal. I will put in place crippling economic sanctions on Iran, and I will convince our allies to do the same."

Expected Candidate Bush the 3rd of his name, was angered that President Obama uses such big words in his Diplomacy, instead of bombing Iran as his Plutocratic Masters demand.

Tom Cotton and the 47 Republican Traitors in the Senate were back to invoking World War and Neville Chamberlain. War Criminal Dick Cheney wistfully mused about Nuclear War. All the while aided by the bloodthirsty Conservative Media and right-wing internet fart bubble, who never fail to invoke Munich 1938 whenever the United States doesn't drop bombs on someone.

Never mind that Iran progressed in their Nuclear Ambitions even with the sanctions in place. Or the damage the disloyal undermining of the international agreement would do to US prestige and diplomacy worldwide. Never mind the even if the US backs out Chinese and European businesses are going to move into Iran and defeat any so-called sanctions.

Republicans and Conservatives can not help but fear monger and invoke the spectre of World War III (or V*). But, the question is do Conservatives say these things in the hopes of being proven wrong or being proven right?
*- According to Rightwing Alternate reality, World War III was the Cold War, "won" by Ronnie Raygun and World War IV was/is the Global War on Terror "won" by W(orst POTUS Ever) until that Tricksy Obama gave back all the winnings.

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