Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gun-shaped Cell Phone Cases Banned, Concealed Carry getting Easier

Chicago just passed a ban on cell phone cases shaped to resemble guns. The FOP President cited the shooting of Tamir Rice as a necessary reason to outlaw the cell phone cases. Earlier in July, Governor Bruce Rauner signed changes to the Illinois Concealed Carry Law. Instead of cleaning up language of the Law, the changes, of course, work substantially to weaken restrictions,
"When the NRA gets a concealed carry bill passed, they work to dismantle what they passed so that it becomes super weak. They've been doing that for over 25 years throughout the country," said Brian Malte, senior national policy director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
One of the changes allows individuals stopped or in contact with Police Officers to show their Concealed Carry Card instead of verbally informing the Officer that they are armed.

In light of the recent police shootings, it would seem to be a bad idea to have a person reaching for their waistband when the Officer is concerned they may be carrying a gun.

But, of course, such an event will never occur because Second Amendment Rights are for White People only.

And that leads to Gun Violence in the City of Chicago. When Conservatives sneeringly reference the Gun Violence of Chicago what they are actually ridiculing are the Chicago Police, Cook County Sheriff's Police and surrounding Departments. Conservatives actually hate Police Officers. The only time Right-Wingers support Police Officers are when those Officers murder black people. The flow of stolen guns coming into the city is even worse than the flow of narcotics. But, the NRA and Gun Manufacturers are perfectly content with this secondary straw market of stolen guns for sale. The Gun Humping Fanatics want more and more guns on the streets. 

The Chicago Police can not be held accountable for the lack of will and lack of enforcement by other Departments Nationwide. The vast majority of guns recovered by CPD originate from outside Chicago and often come from neighboring states or even further away in the US.

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