Friday, January 2, 2015

Conservatives plan to use the NYPD assassinations as a pretext to murder Liberals and overthrow the Government

Right-Wing Violence is coddled and encouraged in America. There is a real danger of the American Right using the murders of NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos to kill minorities and leftists and then Overthrow the US Government. At least, that's the dream of Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists.

Right-Wingers all have the same delusion. They think they are The Thin White Line o' Heroes.
"The next time there’s a die-in, make sure they’re dead. The next time they block the road, run their asses over," Stan Solomon talking to Larry Pratt, Head of the Gunowners of America, on reacting to protests. Note the demonstrators Solomon is itching to murder are not looters but, non-violent demonstrators.
These White-Wing Hateriots do have several things in common; they loathe Democracy and the Democratic Republic for which We Stand. Conservatism is Terrorism.

Fortunately, in reality, while some of the craftier conservatives will use this to fund raise and fleece more right-wingers, additional Right-Wing Murder Sprees will not happen. The Oathbreakers will have a fundraising drive, FU de Blasio T-Shirts (made in China) will be sold, more parcels of land in the Galtian Paradise will be purchased, Alex Jones Infowars will increase his viewership, more Liberal Hunting Permits will be issued, and this incident will go down as another of the 968 impeachable offenses committed by Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

However, this doesn't diminish the aching desire Conservatives have to start murdering Liberals. They are waiting for a signal, for their imagined Casus Belli.

Over at Hullabaloo the blog of Digby, I read the latest Call to Arms from Confederate Yankee Bob Owens. His sthick has been the same for 6 years. The stay-at-home schocastic terrorist throwing his toxic emissions into the seething cauldron of right-wing rage in the hopes some "Lone Wolf" will go out and murder a Liberal,

It’s Time To Play Cowboys and Communists

Posted by Bob Owens on December 29, 2014 at 1:03 pm

If, my friends, you would like to preserve and restore liberty you must decide, today, what you will tolerate.

You must determine how much more you are going to tolerate as they attempt to destroy this nation from the inside.

You must determine what you are willing to sacrifice in order for your children and grandchildren to remain free.

I ask you to stand your ground, my proud fellow American citizens. Keep your weapons oiled, your bores bright, and your magazines loaded. Pledge to protect those who protect us.

We do not want war, but we will not surrender our liberty to rabble who crave the chains of tyranny, or who dream of lording over free men.

Will you choose to be Sons of Liberty, or sons of Obama?
Laughably earlier in his column Bob Owens wrote;
This string of attempted, escalating, (and sometimes regrettably successful) cop killings is a part of a low-intensity civil war on the very fabric of our society.
Richard Poplawski, Jerad and Amanda Miller, Andrew Joseph Stack, James W. Von Brunn*, Joseph T. Kane, Dennis Marx*, Nathanial Kangas have all attacked or killed Law Enforcement Officials yet evoked no response and weren't a Cause Célèbre for Conservatives.

Right-wingers only support Police Officers and the Rule of Law when those LEOs and that Rule is being used to oppress Minorities, Leftist Protests, and Unions.

Right-Wingers really are itching for any reason they can grasp to begin the slaughter of Liberals. Criticism of Chris Kyle and American Sniper has brought out the typical Conservative Death Threats towards anyone who dares point out that Kyle didn't win the war, murdered a bunch of people we shouldn't have been killing and died because he was a gun humping moron. When Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton win the Presidency in 2016 I'm certain a Right-Wing Insurrection and mass murder spree of Liberals, Democrats, Progressives will begin.

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Dervish Sanders said...

I wonder if these nuts are eventually going to act. Might it be when another Democrat is elected president in 2016? I absolutely believe they are itching to murder Lefties as you lay out in your article - and would join such a fight if it erupted.

BTW, have you heard about the Tea Party followers who killed police in Las Vegas? A story that the media seems to largely be ignoring (TV news, in any case).

Apparently the two killers (husband and wife Jerad and Amanda Miller) were convinced that the revolution had begun during the standoff at the Cliven Bundy ranch.