Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bonjour, Paris! Conservatives sommes Merde-flinging surrender monkeys

Ridiculous Right-Wingers all took to their laptops and iPhones to tweet, blog, facebook and post their "embarassment" that President Barack Obama did not attend the Paris World Leaders Rally in face of the Charlie Hebdo/Jewish Deli terrorist attacks. That is from the comfort of their plush, warm living rooms here Stateside.

Thus, continues the never-ending War Conservatives engage upon where they throw shit on everything in the hopes that some of their shit will stick and they can exploit the stink. The Right-Wing Blame Barack Campaign is a well-worn, tried and true method for causing fatigue in the American populace. In the 2014 elections, the ISIS Panic and EBOLA Fear won the Republicans the Senate, so the manufactured freak-outs make sense politically.

Even if they are not internally consistent with other Right-Wing rhetoric. In 2009, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, every conservative blogger and all their right-wing drones derided President Obama for ordering Dijon-Mustard on his Hamburger!

Rawr! Dijon Mustard was renamed by Republicans under the Awesome W Presidency as FREEDOM MUSTARD to go-along with your FREEDOM FRIES! Only God-Reagan approved HFCS Ketchup is allowed on American Burgers! Freedom!

And merely 10 years ago, every single conservative was in lock-step with President Bush and his Faux News enbablers denouncing Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry for being too French-looking and speaking En Francais.

Time and time and time again, conservatives have tried to manufacture controversy surrounding the Obama Presidency, it hasn't worked because besides being as cool as the other side of the pillow President Obama and his cabinet has been moral and just and not beset with the War Crimes and other misdemeanors of the W(orst President in History) and his staff of villains.

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Dervish Sanders said...

Frankly I really don't give a damn that BHO didn't go or send someone other than the French ambassador who was already there. From what I've heard, the CH cartoons were offensive and deliberately inflammatory. And that objections and protest from the Muslim community (and other religions when CH took aim at them) would have been quite understandable.

Not murdering (or physical violence of any kind), however. Free speech should guarantee that those such as the CH cartoonists can say (or draw) what they want, no matter how offensive.

Although I surely would stay away from being so deliberately inflammatory. It probably would have been a good idea for them to have a lot better security than they did too.

If the president had gone the Repubs would likely be criticizing him for showing up for a "photo-op".