Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New York's Finest, The Thin (Skinned) Blue Line

Now choke yourself. Goddamn it, with MY hand, numb-nuts! Don't pull my fucking hand over there! I said choke yourself; now lean forward and choke yourself! - Marine Corps legend R. Lee Emery and Vincent D'Onofiro famous Boot Camp introduction scene in Full Metal Jacket (1987)
As New York's Whiniest continue their spectacle of entitlement and petulance, the New York Post is reporting Police Union Leaders have convinced the Thin Skinned Blue Line to engage in a work slow down. According to the Post,
overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show. 
Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame. 
Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300. 
Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241. 
Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63.
From invoking the Stab-in-the-Back rhetoric to Disrespectful protesting at Funeral of a fellow Officer, the New York Police Department has put a permanent blemish on their Shields, which will take years of hard work to erase.

It's hard to see whom exactly the NYPD think they hurting with this work stoppage? The reaction to the drop in citations and the declaration Officers are making arrests "only when they have to" has been 'Super! keep up the great work'.

Now, perhaps the Officers are trying to bring Mayor de Blasio to heel by cutting off funding for the City Budget, but such a tacit admission that Police Departments, including the Nation's Largest, have been filling City Budget Holes on the backs of the Working Class probably isn't the message the NYPD wants to be sending.

Of course, the NYPD, as a monolithic organization, probably doesn't care what anyone thinks. But, the interesting phenomenon has been the sudden tack by the American Right back towards unwavering support for "Law & Order". Meanwhile, Right-Wing violence, up to and including murder of Police Officers, is coddled and encouraged in America.

Conservatives, of course, don't give a shit about individual Cops but, what they do love is exerting Power and Authority, especially the type traditionally enforced by Police Departments over their enemies.

Police Departments have always been the guardians of the 1%, the enforcers of the plutocracy, with specific goals of keeping the Working Class in line and incarcerating or killing minorities.

Law books are replete with "crimes" designed to nickel and dime the Poor and Working Class to make them pay for their own incarceration, with "fines, fees and costs".

Besides the constant threat of arrest and imprisonment for minor offenses, the Working Class faces the full power of the American Justice System while the 1% are free to swindle Billions and even escape unscathed because of their Affluenza.


ChickenHammer said...

Yes I do like how you completely refuse to acknowledge the Mike Brown died because rather than move to the side walk he chose to attack a police officer and paid for it with his life. It disturbs me that Darren Wilson lost his career because of the bad decisions of a bipedal parasite but even worse than that is that you, if you really are an LEO, refuse to touch the subject. I get the impression you're a fan of wanna be cop killers and it's really difficult to reconcile that with the idea of you really being an LEO. I still believe you're nothing more than a bottom feeder living in papa's basement but whatever...

Was Eric Garner committing a Felony?
I dont' know. Is resisting arrest and battery of a police officer a felony in New York City? Regardless of that we can look at Eric Garner's arrest record and know that when he's been arrested in the past he has violently resisted. If you were a real LEO, haha yeah right I know how silly that is, you would be defending the use of less than lethal force deployed against Eric Garner. It's a tragidy that Mr. Garner died but the force officer Daniel Pantaleo used on him was appropriate for the situation and wasn't the real cause of death but only the straw that broke the camels back.

Eric Garner chose to fight the police and he lost.

One last thing before I go. I made a CPD friend aware of your blog. He doesn't think you're genuine either but he's looking into you and your posts. He thinks you may be a non-sworn from one of the burbs. But whatever the case he's looking for you and if he finds you he wants for all of your colleagues to see your blog and where you stand on the issues.

Later homie!

Kulkuri said...

I heard mention a while back that one of the problems in NYC is the NYPD is in negotiation with the city for a new contract. But now all you hear is how the NYPD and the Mayor are in a pissing contest!!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ooooh, scary, ChickenHammer! It's intriguing to me that you would go in for Doxxing, but not surprising.

No doubt after you tell your "friend" you and he hope my fellow Officers will harm me in some way because that's what Conservatism is; Harmful.

ChickenHammer said...

I said nothing about harming you. I just think it would be great for your homies to know where you stand on the issues. If you really are an LEO imagine the fun you'll have discussing this blog every time you're in court. I know that I would find it hilariously funny but we both know you're not an LEO so this discussion is kind of pointless.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Stop trying to be obtuse, while you are a stupid, stupid man, the intention of your Doxx is clear, let my colleagues see where I "stand on the issues" and let them frag me.

But, also your ignorance of Court is outstanding and unremarkable as well. Unlie, say conservatives liars who ran with the false story of ORBITAL EYE SOCKET FRACTURE, which was leaked by Wilson's wife, I don't reveal confidential information on my blog.

Dervish Sanders said...

This from the NY Daily News... Majority of New York City voters oppose cops' back-turn on de Blasio, disapprove of PBA's Pat Lynch: Poll... Sixty-nine percent of city voters disapprove of the cops who turned their backs on de Blasio at the funerals of slain Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, and 77% say the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association president's claims that Mayor de Blasio had "blood on the hands" was "too extreme". Said poll assistant director Maurice Carroll: "The cops overreached, quite clearly, and people don't approve". 1/16/2015

Personally I think it's despicable (as well as utter baloney) to say de Blasio has blood on his hands.

As for Mike Brown (who CH mentions above), I'm thinking he may have been flat out murdered. Wilson's story simply does not hold up. The Brown family lawyer Anthony Gray says Wilson's account of events is "absurd from beginning to end" and I think he's right.

Garner's murder, I believe, came about because the cop who killed him (Daniel Pantaleo) acted with reckless/depraved indifference.