Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Conservatives don't give a shit about Cops

Conservatives don't care about Law Enforcement Officers. All conservatives care about is using each and every situation to advance their fascist agenda and take over of the United States.

Do you recall all the right-wing outrage over the murder of 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers by a Staunch Conservative angered over the Coming Obama Gun Ban? Or the 2 Alaska State Troopers killed by a Right-Wing Soverign Citizens son? Or the ultra-conservative war game playing nutjob who killed a Pennsylvannia State Trooper? Or the 2 Arkansas Cops killed by Soverign Citizen? Or the IRS agent killed by the Grover Norquist Anti-Tax Crusader who flew a plane into the Texas IRS building?

Of course you don't, because the Conservative Media squealed like petulant children and proclaimed each of these incidents was actually President Obama's fault.

Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism is coddled and encouraged in the United States. The Media is scared to correctly report that Conservatives are one of the most dangerous threats facing America today.

In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security correctly pointed out that President Barack Obama's election would lead to a rise of Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists. This is exactly what happened. All manner of conservative terrorist groups arose, the Oathkeepers, UnConstitutional Sherrif's of America, the III Percenters, for instance. All these groups have threatened to murder any Government Offical or Police Officer who dares to implement laws, which they deem Unconstitutional.

The indignant screams from the Conservative media caused the DHS to retract their correct conclusions. And sadly, once the Obama Adminstration gave into their tantrums, it only emboldened Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists to conduct their campaign to undermine and subvert the Nation.

But, Conservatives can never resist Waving the Bloody Shirt and they have two more bodies to use as building blocks to construct their evil edice of a Neo-Feudalist Wage Slave State. Conservatives reveal in blood and use death to enforce their values of Oppression, Intolerance and Slavish Obediance to the Rich.

So, now in-line with their values, Conservatives have finally found a Union Boss with whom they gleefully agree, in Patrick Lynch of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

Lynch's inflammatory rhetoric of blaming Mayor Bill De Blasio has been discussed at length at several excellent websites, but, having worked the job for almost a decade now, I can guarantee whenever you see a man with the combed back hair-do Lynch is sporting, that man is a slime bucket.

Conservatives support Police Officers who kill Black Men because right-wingers believe every Black Man is a potential criminal. It's the same pathos which explains how Conservatives support the killing of innocent Muslims, including children, because they see every Muslim as a Potential Terrorist.

Thus, the only Unions supported by Right-Wingers are Police Unions, as long as those Union Leaders vehemently defend Officers who kill Black Men and blame Liberals for America's woes.

What has become clear is Police Officers are just another partisan issue for Conservatives. Any deviation from what they deem the proper use of the Law and Police (i.e. Killing Black Men, incarcerating minorities, beating liberal protestors, and crushing Unions) is "Unconstitutional" to the American Right.

And an entire media industry now exists to swaddle conservatives in a incestuous cocoon of comfortable lies and partisan bullshit as they shamelessly use the dead to advance their Agenda.


Grung_e_Gene said...

It seems the Rude Pundit had the same observation:

Conservatives Don't Give a Fuck About Cops; They Only Care About Authority

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