Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heroes of the Second Amendment to Arms! Gun Rights under siege in Illinois!

You have nothing to lose other than your shackles of Government Tyranny...

Even though a Dastardly Veto attempt by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was defeated resoundingly by the Illinois Legislature Gunowners are still not able to "legally" Conceal Carry in Illinois.

Concealed Carry Permits have a 6 month backlog followed by a 90 day waiting period imposed by the Illinois State Police. So, permits for Concealed Carry will be in effect in Jan 2014 at the earliest.

And now Governor Quinn has signed into law more restrictions on Gun Owners in clear violation of the Holy Second Amendment.

Beginning Jan 1, 2014, private gun sales must undergo Federal Background Checks. Additionally, Gun Owners must notify Police of a Theft of their Firearm within 72 hours of it occurring. That sounds like a regulation!!! What part of Shall Not Be Infringed doesn't Governor Quinn understand?!?!?

I can already read the furious supporters of Unrestricted Gun Violence screeching, 'These laws are only going to be followed by law-abiding Gun Owners. Criminals won't do either!' Of course, that's true... So what's the point of having laws? Thieves and Burglars still steal despite laws against it.

Gun Owners often derisively claim Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws and the most gun murders. Of course, they ignore the facts surrounding the actual guns used in commission. The vast majority of which (59%) come from outside Illinois.

One of the unintended consequences of the Gun Manufacturers decision to flood America with over 300 Million Firearms are the totally irresponsible storage and handling by Gun Owners.

Gun Owners leave loaded firearms willy-nilly, often found and discharged by children. Hotheaded responsible gun owners wave them about or display them in a similar manner to chimps and other apes do a genital display. And firearms are one of the top three items stolen from homes.

Another Second Amendment Hero in Florida murders 6 people with his guns before SWAT takes him out and the disgusting yahoo commenters howl the original story didn't include the murderers race because that's whats most important.

A Hero of the Second Amendment took his Rights into his Own Hands when his 1st and 4th Amendment Rights were violated and murdered a dastardly City Bureaucrat and two others bystanders for trying to trample his Gun Rights.

A Gun Hero in Virginia will be forever remembered for his sacrifice. After being unjustly yelled at my ruffians while exercising his rights to speed freely through a school zone he brandished his weapon but was wounded when replacing it in his pants by shooting his balls off.

The preponderance of evidence clearly shows More Guns has not equaled More Safety. Story after story of hotheaded gun owners pulling their pieces in situations not warranted so the sobriquet An Armed Society is a Polite Society is a monstrous piece of propaganda.


I could type this post everyday. But, what's the point? No one reading this is going to change their views on guns and 4 year olds are still shooting themselves in the head because of the disgusting availability of firearms in this Nation.

Evidence doesn't work. Satire doesn't work. Outrage doesn't work. The Unrestricted Gun Violence Lobby has won this day. Hopefully, the members of the next American generation will learn from our mistakes and change the  future into one where children aren't held hostage to the murderous whims of Gun Makers, the NRA and madmen.


One Fly said...

Basically the same as religion. Real monkeys can learn. the human monkeys we have here not so much.

Sarge said...

If you feel that you have to pack a gun to feel safe; then it is time to change your playmates and playgrounds...


David said...

Either everyone is armed, or no one is armed. It's very simple. If you want to have a gun free society begin by disarming the police. The UK system of Bobbies without arms worked fine for years. Carrying a gun signals the policeman is afraid and does not know how to persuade. The threat of force is not persuasion. Force and the threat of force create the very behavior that makes the policeman afraid.