Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Okay unethical Congressman Peter Roskam You're a Republican

Republican Congressman Peter Roskam is under investigation for an Eight-Day $750,000+ Dollars* trip paid for by agents of the Taiwanese Government taken in 2011. Ostensibly, Roskam and his wife were there to visit his daughter.

Jesse Jackson Jr. just received a 30 month prison sentence.  Now, to be fair, there are differences between Peter Roskam and Jesse Jackson Jr.

See, Jesse is a Democrat and he's black, while Roskam is a Republican and white. 

Additionally, Roskam votes the Republican Party line of stealing from the Poor to give to the Rich, eliminating the Post Office and Federal Unions, destroying regulations which restrain the criminal behavior of Banks, and fervently supports the efforts of BP to befoul Lake Michigan with massive amounts of heavy metals and petrochemicals so don't expect right-wingers, Faux Morons and duped Conservatives to demand Roskam's removal from office and imprisonment. 

But, being unethical is nothing new for Peter Roskam.

In 2005, Roskam, ran afoul of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for failing to report his fundraising expenditures ($103,880) for the third quarter of 2005. Roskam's Campaign claimed it was an accounting error.

Roskam also received thousands of dollars from Convicted Criminal Tom DeLay's money laundering schemes. As Tom DeLay faced his charges Roskam voiced his support for the Convicted Criminal,
"These old accusations that are two and three and four years old is a little bit tiresome. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt." 04/22/05

"Knowing what I know now about what Tom DeLay's been accused of, my attitude would be to support him."
So, it's no surprise that Roskam is accepting dirty tainted money the only questions are How Much? and From Whom?

 The House Ethics Committee is set to rule on or about 09/11/13.

*- In an effort to emmunlate Right-Wing Duplicity I used the Taiwanese New Dollar amount (which is currently trading at 30-to-1 with the U.S. Dollar).


ChickenHammer said...

Now, to be fair, there are differences between Peter Roskam and Jesse Jackson Jr.

Roskam is alleged to have taken an eight day trip costing $24,000 paid for by the Taiwanese Government.

Jackson confessed to 3,100 misappropriations worth $750,000.

Differences; yes there were a few.

Sarge said...

Offing your ole lady in a fit or rage is murder and wiping out 17 people is a Afghan village is worthly of a medal?

Members of Congress must be held to high stsndards of ethical conduct and party affiliation or the color of one's skin should not play a role.

Ask Charlie Rangell...


Grung_e_Gene said...

Ha ha ha ha Hey it's only a little Bribe! No need to look any further after all IOKIYAR!!!

J.O.B. said...

Hi Gene, I think we should talk about something else. Instead of talking about a different set of rules for black Democrats compared to whit Republicans. How about we talk about the treatment of politicians compared to average citizens. Jesse Jr. will finish his sentence before Sandi has to start hers. This way, the children won't be misplaced due to their parents criminal activities. Would this even be an option for me and my wife? Or you and yours?

I don't know much about Roskam, but it sounds like there are differences between him and Jackson.