Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey it's Saturday where's my mail? The Republican Plan to eliminate the USPS

Thank You for all those Cards and Letters - Wun'erful, Wun'erful! The Lemon Sisters, Stan Freberg Comedy Show
The Republican Plan to eliminate the Post Office is proceeding very nicely. The US Postal Service declared they will be stopping mail delivery on Saturdays.

Now, Republicans do want to have a USPS but it would be a rump left to handle the unprofitable deliveries in Outer Wyoming and the Nevada Nuclear Waste Sites.

Incredibly lucrative mail routes, in Manhattan or along the Magnificent Mile in Downtown Chicago will be just handed over to UPS, FedEx, DHL and other private services. And as is their wont, those Corporations will slowly and surely turn the screws, raise prices and add delivery fees for letters which used to cost a stamp.

Gone will be the days when you could mail a post card from the Big Island to Chicago unless, you're willing to pay $20 USC for the privilege of having your mail carried by FedEx.

Privatize, Deregulate and Cede control to Corporations.

Of course, the Republicans plan is to destroy the Postal Workers Union because of the Unions strength and the solid Middle Class opportunities provided by a job with the USPS. 

Republicans loathe the Middle Class. A Middle Class is a hamper to their political power and proves to fickle for the Plutocracy to control. Republican political maneuvers are directed by their Plutocratic Masters to end the American Dream and bring about a Neo-Feudalist Dream State. As John Nichols of The Nation points out Postal cuts are Austerity on Steroids.

What the Plutocracy wants is a pliant work force with no disposable income. And they aren't disguising their actions, otherwise they wouldn't have run one of the scions, Le Dauphin of Bain Capital W. Mitt Romney for President in 2012.

It's a multi-pronged effort to steal away capital from the Middle and Working Classes. Every Republican tax scheme ends up increasing taxes on the Middle and Working Classes (while decreasing them on the Rich) and slashing government benefits for the American people.

And now by steadily eroding the Post Office (and it's Jobs) and sending that work to cutthroat Capitalists who'll pay less, disband Unions and raise prices the Republicans will cede more and more of your life to Corporate Hegemony.

It's all part of the plan to tie up your meager income so that at the end of the year, you've gained Nothing and are treading water, forever doomed to an endless life of labor, while the Upper 1% see their wealth spiral exponentially higher and higher.

A working mom could work overtime this month and use it as time off next month without having to worry about whether she’ll be able to take home enough money to pay the rent. 
- Republican Eric Cantor explains to the American Enterprise Institute on 02/05/13 how to get Working Class people to vote for their subjugation to the Republican Neo-Feudalist state. Additionally, there's a nice undercurrent of "the Nightmare" of the last couple of years that President Obama and his *cough* black *cough* Thugs have just ruined America!


Tom Harper said...

Best of all, people won't be able to vote through the mail after that commie post office has been eliminated. The GOP goes to all that trouble to suppress the vote and make voters wait in line for 8 hours, and then those little sleazes make an end run by mailing in their ballots. Not for long.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sure, and by putting voting into the hands of Private Business, Republicans have ensured that certain districts don't receive enough or properly working equipment on time because the Cost-Benefit Analysis done by the Republicans and their Corporate Controllers indicated their interests would not be served by having votes of certain people counted.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Clueless fucks and assholes...I swear, that seems to be the criteria for politicians.

As for the post office? Our local one has been such a cock-up for so long that I had to resort to a post office box in the next door town to reliably get mail. The local office.....I think they have been unofficially skipping a day for about the last three years. Never the same day....but most often Tuesdays or Wednesdays...simply NO mail in the road side box. We have four adults with all the attending junk mail, and a home business. So I can tell you, an actual day of no mail simply NEVER happens. And the next day the box is always jam packed.

Green Eagle said...

This just occurred to me, but how about going to seven days a week mail delivery? Why should we be unable to get mail on Sunday just because a bunch of Religious wackos decided that people should do nothing on their holy day? This is just Christian Sharia law, like the nonsense about employers being able to deny health care coverage to their employees if their religion tells us that it's okay. No law regarding an establishment of religion...forbidding Sunday mail delivery is exactly that.