Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joe Walsh, Scion of Conservative Values... Lazy Deadbeat

Oh Joe... Joe... Joe... Joe... I get it now! I'd wondered why Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill) was such a scummy uncouth lout towards President Obama. His every word laced with the vitriol we Liberals normally only see from hate-filled conservatives.

Walsh's ex-wife has filled court documents claiming he owes $117,437 in back child support. These are the family value Republicans the conservatives love to foist unto all of Us. Joe Walsh is a typical Teabagging Republican.

But, now I see why Joe Walsh hates Barack Obama so much. Sure, I thought Joe Walsh might be bigot when he famously said, "Why was [Obama] elected? Again, it comes back to who he was. He was black, he was historic. And there’s nothing racist about this."

It's actually appears more prosaic than I thought. Because President Obama has something Joe Walsh never had; a stable respectful marriage with kids who love him. Whilst all Joe has is a ex-wife and kids who know him to be a despicable lazy deadbeat.

So the reason Joe Walsh acts like a despicable deadbeat scumbag, the reason Joe Walsh votes lockstep with the Republicans to continue taxpayer assistance to Multi-National Oil companies and Private Jet Owners, the reason Joe Walsh preens and struts for the cameras at MSNBC and ignores the problems in his Congressional district, the reason Joe Walsh worries that "American Jews aren't as pro-Israel as they should be", instead of concerning himself with the the consistently failing Home Values of his constituents is because Joe Walsh is a lazy deadbeat.

The reason Joe Walsh seems to be such a scummy conservative? It's because that is who Joe Walsh is...

And here's HenryPatrick1736, a typical teabagger, who loves him some Joe Walsh and posts his Attaboy Joe because he went after that scary/evil "Leftist" Chris Matthews...

And, of course, one could go to Glenn Beck's The Blaze and read the hundreds comments in support of Joe Walsh. Because once Walsh started his rhetorical firebombing of Obama the conservative dupes rushed to proclaim him awesome and so insightful. Now, that, he's been exposed as a "criminal" the Right's message is going to be, it's a hit job by the liberal MSM and the IOKIYAR will be invoked, but that's just part of the inherent hypocrisy of conservatives.


squatlo said...

One more typical right wingnutter hypocrite for America's teabaggin' lunatics.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Walsh merely "went Galt" on his family. He realized in 2002 those little moochers, his children, needed to get jobs instead of coming to him for money!

After all, he needed the money to go on Vacation to Mexico and Italy with his new girlfriend.

He's so Ayn Rand!