Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And in this corner David "The Strangler" Prosser

Wisconsin has turned into the WWE. The Wisconsin Republicans are fakes. They care nothing for the people of Wisconsin and are wholly owned and operated by Corporate Moneyed Masters.

Justice David Prosser won re-election, under dubious, but most likely not fraudulent circumstances, when a former worker of his, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced she had found 14,000 uncounted votes, 11,000 of which went to Prosser.

Now, prior to this discovery and with the spectre of a Prosser defeat, Nationwide conservatives were crying election fraud as they always do when they lose. And if they were honest they would have been skeptical of the results after this discovery. But, like all things conservative, cries of foul are only important when it's against their side. Conservatives have no shame and are rabid hypocrites who feel no compunctions at lying, obfuscating and stealing in order to get "their way", which is hilarious because "their way" is the way of the Richest in this country who seek a return to out-right slavery and Neo-Feudalism.

But, David Prosser was adjudicated the winner of the election and went to work ensuring the anti-Worker agenda of the Koch Brothers was put into action. However, Prosser is a mysognist with a history of anger issues and it wasn't too long before he was involved in some alleged confrontations.

The most serious event involving Prosser was the allegation made by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, that in a fit of anger Prosser grabbed her in chokehold. Prosser countered that Bradley had rushed at him fists raised and he defended himself. As every Police Officer could tell you anytime you get to a fight in progress or a battery, it's always the other guy who started it, but that didn't matter to conservatives.

Every Rightwing blog declared Prosser innocent because he is a conservative. Guilt and Innocence is a matter of political ideology to the Right. Every liberal accused is guilty and every conservative convicted is a victim of liberal bias!!!

It's part of the Conservative Insulation Machine. A self-perpetuating mythos which allows the Right to complain that anytime a conservative is found guilty, accused of wrong-doing or caught saying something Bachmann Crazy it's a set-up by the Liberal Media. This was dramatically demonstrated by the oft repeated lie that President Obama wasn't "vetted by the media" (the current torchbearer of that meme is Totally Not Racist Republican Joe Walsh) and poor, poor Sarah Palin was viciously attacked by the MSM.

It wouldn't be so bad if conservatives' blindness, ignorance, hatred and hypocrisy didn't have consequences for the rest of society. But, Conservatives are not content to shackle themselves to the gears of Industry and Warfare, they actively work to cosign the rest of America to Wage Slavery to the Ruling Class.


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