Monday, July 18, 2011

And now we add Murder to Rupert Murdoch's list of Crimes?

Rupert Murdoch has been involved in an in-plain sight covert operation to undermine the United States and the United Kingdom. The scope of this dastardly plot is finally being realized with the uncovering of a massive spying and hacking campaign that Murdoch initiated at the behest of his Chinese Controllers facilitated through his wife.

Okay... That's a bit too much of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, but what Rupert Murdoch has been engaged in is a decades long campaign to brainwash and dupe millions of people. He has felt no compunction in having his paid propagandists lie everyday to achieve his goals. The question we have to ask ourselves as a people is; What were those Goals?

The Prime Goal of the Ruling/Dominant Class has been to convince enough Americans to vote against their own economic self interest. And Murdoch's Propaganda Machine was highly effective at achieving that goal. Millions of Americans are so duped by Murdoch's lying that they support a political party Which Is Voting Right Now to eliminate Unions, steal Social Security, eliminate Clean Water regulations, destroy the EPA, OSHA, and do away with Medicare and Medicaid while giving Billions of taxpayer dollars to Banking Cartels, Private Jet Owners, and Oil & Gas Multination Corporations.

But, Rupert Murdoch's criminal electronic hacking and harassing operation is getting more and more insidious and sorted as the days go. And now... the prime News of the World whistleblower, Sean Hoare, against Murdoch turns up dead?
"The death is currently being treated as unexplained but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing."
And what does Faux News have to report on this issue? Why they blame the Liberal Media for "piling on" and purposefully confuse subject and object by claiming the Hacking Scandal carried out by Rupert Murdoch and his criminal underlings makes them the victim.

The Right Wing Blogs and major websites spent weeks and countless posts attacking Anthony Weiner's... umm... Weiner, but a criminal operation to invade the privacy of regular citizens, 9/11 victims, dead servicemen and 13 year old children? To harass them via electronic means and to blackmail officials orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch? Well, that gets no attention.

And why do the Right Wing Conservative blogs have nothing to say? Why are conservatives ignoring this story? Quite, simply because it involves something which does not conform to their alternate views of reality and the false conservative narrative they have crafted.

The false Conservative narrative has been a long effort to sow so much ignorance, hatred and discontent amongst the poor class so that the Ruling Plutocrats (that alliance of Politicos, Military Elites, Banksters and Industrialists) could more easily succeed in maintaining and increasing the transfer of wealth to themselves. And that is Rupert Murdoch's biggest crime, a campaign of lies, obfuscation and deliberate ignorance designed to bring about a Neo-Feudal World.

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