Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nothing is Safe from Conservative Dirty Tricks

Climategate was a complete and utter lie. Conservatives and Republicans when faced with evidence and truth simply fabricate lies to confuse their supporters. It's not that Americans who vote for Republicans are stupid, far from it, it's that they've been consistently and maliciously lied to for years.

And that accumulated weight of lies presses down on the heads of conservative supporters and cuts off the flow of truth to their brains killing their minds as surely as cutting off the flow of oxygen would kill their brains.

But, Republicans and Conservatives aren't going to stop. Since they propped an actor up in the White House, the Right witnessed the power and money they could accumulate with lies. The Right's Campaign of Deceit culminated in the murderous Bush Regime. An 8 year orgy of theft, rape and murder. No branch of government was safe, no institution was safe, no document sacrosanct to be destroyed by a bunch of Punk Ass Bitch Chicken Hawks who sneered and mocked America sending men off to their death so Republicans could line their pockets with blood profit while tearing down Nations abroad and at Home.

The Right has a multi-pronged attack. Hours of radio air time is taken up by flabby breasted, wide assed cowards whose only mission is to lie as often and about as many topics as possible. Elected Republicans only job once in Congress is to get on TV and lie about everything they can. The Right when faced with historical or scientific truth which don't conform to their lies take the Orwellian approach of changing books.

And when their recent lies are exposed The Right doesn't apologize they attack, write books, and go on tour further lying to cover up their exposed lies. It is the most insidious and yet the simplest plan ever devised.

Rachel Maddow calls Bull-Pucky on Republican Lies [The Maddow Blog]

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