Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Republican Hatred and Violence

Peace? Peace? I hate the word.. As I hate humanity, All Democrats and Thee...

Obama has driven the Republican Extremists and their brainwashed followers to Shakespearean levels of Hatred. And as a Lady MacBeth all they can produce is bile and rancor. (Interestingly Obama is then by inference MacDuff, including down to the Birther Controversy). Frame by frame dissection of him on video is analyzed in order to create a distorted controversy. The booty stare smear was calculated by Drudge and Fox Propaganda to be safe ground because the Republican Extremists know their ignorant bigoted brainwashed followers have repressed sexual mores. And so if in their daily lie campaign Hannity can link Obama to a Clinton-esque scandal they know the have created another chain for Obama.

The Republican Extremists also feel they are on strong critical footing when they insinuate Obama has "teh gay" calling him a sissy for his crappy All-Star game first pitch. Gay baiting and bashing has been a staple of the Republicans for decades, famously voiced by the criminal Republican Spiro Agnew, whose comments were often written by the racist Republican bigot Pat Buchanan, when Agnew the Butcher called Vietnam war protesters the "Nattering Nabobs of Negativism" and "an effete corps of impudent snobs".

But, as Obama put up the first American of Hispanic descent and only the 3rd woman to the Supreme Court, the bigoted Republicans are frantic. It's bad enough Obama's President, or as Conservapedia declares the 1st Muslim President as though it's a disqualification, but to have a non christian white male on the Supreme Court for the next 25 years is a terrible blow, for the christian white male privilege is in danger! Recall only 43 of 44 Presidents and only 106 of 110 Supreme Court Justices have been white males.

As it becomes more and more clear the Republicans have completely severed their tennous ties to conservatism, a truly laudable ideology, by allowing Dick Cheney to run around for 8 years committing War Crimes and violating Americans at whim and letting the figurehead Tipsy Canoe use the power of the Federal Government to funnel Trillions of dollars to those who profit off of Death and Mayhem, the call for outright violence and the use of force to overthrow the government will go from euphemistic allusions by Fox Propagandists to an outright call for rising up.

Typical Republican Extremist Catherine Crabill of Virginia let it be known if the Republicans continue to lose they will resort to the "Bullet Box" to settle elections.

This all stems from the Republican Hatred for the Individual. They need to control what you do with your body, what you do in the privacy of your home and what you think so they set up cages for your mind.

They declare the Government is the enemy so you vote them into office so they can then use the power to make billions for their cronies and their families, underfund and ignore care for Veterans, distort and misuse legal powers and place inept sycophants into positions of authority thereby confirming the Government is evil and incompetent, for under Republican control it always is. The Republicans run up huge deficits while they are transferring vast wealth into their coffers and leave the clean up to the Democratic successors. And when the Democrats attempt to curb the never-ending Theft of Nations, The Pro Human Pain and Suffering Chicken Hawk Party of Extremists then use their resources to denounce the Democrats with declarations of Troop Haters and Socialists, for they want Americans to return to serfdom as fodder for Industry or Warfare. To be used and discarded when old and worn down after securing Republican goals.

Hence the recent virulent battle against Health Care reform, continued attempts to dismantle Social Security, the never ending war against Unions, the repeated attempts, such as by Texas Republican Secessionist Extremist Governor Rick Perry, to force creationist nonsense into the education system, the outsourcing of jobs to foreign lands and the in sourcing of illegal immigrants to the US to undercut wages and the living conditions of Americans.

For any and all attempts to better the lives of the poor toiling Americans must be crushed.

Insight into the Extremists Hatred of Obama and Democracy:
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The Founder and other Members of FreeRepublic have declared their intent to march on DC and Therefore, We the People of America choose to exercise our right to throw off and alter the abusive government.... And there you have it. None of the actions of Bush and his Regime could move them not the illegal wars, 9/11, negligent treatment of wounded Veterans, fiddling while New Orleans drowned, funneling of Trillions to the Plutocrats, multiple violation of US laws, Torture, violation of Habeas Corpus. Nothing. Yet for some reason now they are going for Revolution.

Hopefully, they will stick to the hate mongering rhetoric and not start a conflagration which is sure to cost thousands of lives and end the Dream of the American political system.

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