Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trillions for Offense Not One Cent for The Poor!

So shout the newly minted fiscal conservatives. The New Mantra of the Republican Party comes on the heels of the obscene spending they indulged in during the Reign of Tipsy Canoe. Trillions of Dollars funneled to the Masters of Misery. But now, with hair tearing rhetoric suitable for the most maudlin dramas, the truly sane Republicans and their hounds have labeled the efforts of Obama as Porkulous and Generational Theft.

No. No Generational Theft is the deaths of hundreds of thousands, including Americans, in a War of Imperial Conquest. And Generational Theft is working to ensure the Transfer of the Wealth of the world into the pockets of those who produce naught but death.

You see, to Republicans, money best belongs in the hands of Erik Prince and his Merry Band, Halliburton and Wandering the nebulous deserts of Iraq. To them spending it here means fascism. And of course no day is complete without a Obama=Hitler photo-op, this one with She Who Shall Not Be Named 2. But, She whines You Liberals called Bush Hitler for years.

While I think the BusHitler references were slightly over the top (Although How did Prescott Make His Money Again?) I recall them coming out after Bush launched his War on the Iraqi People, approved torture for prisoners, began illegal wiretapping of Americans and discounted the Constitution as a worthless god damn piece of paper. While She and others began the BlameBarrackCampaign prior to his even taking office.

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