Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Gotta Catapult the Propaganda

"When it came to that 'Bridge to Nowhere' I said thanks." ~ Sarah Palin.

That is the true quote for Palin. Of course, she took the money but why not lie. If you repeat the lie again and again eventually people will believe you.

And unlike the famous assertion a lie makes it halfway round the world before the truth gets out of bed, the problem of lies, lies in our big confused brains and the use of propaganda.

Those who like the Palin pick will not allow any kind of problems to confuse them. They know she is a righteous pick. Their minds are made up. So it doesn't matter how many times you point out the real record of the her accepting the monies earmarked for the bridge.

But the core issue here is the use of propaganda to confuse and control society. Humans have a sloppy memory system that is good at recall but not good at exact sources or rigid annotation. This is why as Carl Sagan elegantly pointed out in Cosmos,

2,500 years ago, there was a glorious awakening in Ionia... A new concept developed, one of the great ideas of the human species...

The Scientific Method. Which led to the great flowering of knowledge in Greece and to the creation of the modern world. Systematic thinking swept away superstitions, although some are reasserting themselves, and minimized human error and subjective and fallible human ideas.

But, then Obama is a muslim and Palin is God's choice...

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