Thursday, September 4, 2008

Know The Real Enemy

Listen up. Zach, Tom, Tim and Brad get it. Know the Real Enemy.

"I suspect some of the police may actually even be fans of Rage Against the Machine. I suspect some of the police come from working class and middle class backgrounds like we do and like you do. I suspect the Cops here today have much more in common with this band, with you people than with the people of the RNC." - Tom Morello addressing the People

The Controllers of this Nation do not represent you, they don't like you. You are to be controlled, You are to be used for their interests, You are to submit to their will. You are their cog in the machinery of War and Industry.

1 comment:

ran said...

Probably the most symbolically disgusting event of the under-reported protest coverage has to be this.

Preemptive home searches and arresting journalists...what a vibrant democracy we live in today. :(

The one bright spot is that the use of modern technology allows the dissemination of knowledge of these events by other means than through the filter of the establishment.