Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin God's Chosen One

No wonder The McCain Camp and The Extremist Christianist Base did not want Sarah Palin interviewed. She's a Warmongering Zealot who doesn't know what War she wants to Monger for, God's Holy War in Babylon, going to War with Iran on behalf of Israel, defending NATO "ally" Georgia against Russia, jaunting over into Pakistan...

Palin has benefited from the same initial bru-ha-ha which surrounded Barack Obama. Nationally no one knows her. So, what the McCain camp did was allow the American people to graft their own hopes, desires and ideals onto her. Even if she doesn't hold them. Because once people have made up their mind about a candidate it very rarely is shaken. Especially when uncomfortable facts appear. It's another System of Control.

So ignore her Religious Zealotry, ignore her dearth of knowledge about the History, Civics, International Relations, Principle of US Government, ignore her improper per diem reimbursements, in fact ignore her shady political career altogether.

Bush Doctrine? Why Charlie, what do you mean? Go to WAR with Russia? Absolutely, American interests must be served! The Iraq War is a Task from God? Oh no! I never presume to know God's will or to speak God's words. Except when it comes to adding Judeo-Christian Biblical Creationism to Scientific curriculum because you need to "Teach both."

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