Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul loses some Luster

Well, I'm in an unevinable position when it comes to Ron Paul.

On a positive note the NYTimes did print a follow-up stating they should not have run a string of allegations and assertions without allowing a response from Paul's campaign. Not that it has stopped the racist meme from being adopted as "Internet Fact" by the likes of Democratic Underground.

But, Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a video of Ron Paul rejecting evolution, stating "it's a theory... theory of evolution. No one has absolute proof on either side."


I can't vote for someone who could reject the mountains of evidence for Evolution. And I can not in good conscience, rationalize his statments by telling myself Paul played to the audience and is trying to garner votes. Because if I am to vote for Paul, he has to be above that kind of pandering. Otherwise I am as guilty as everyone else who ignores the ugliness of their favorite candidate...

The problem is, Ron Paul's stated position on the Occupation of Iraq, understanding the root causes of 9/11 (It's Blowback not because they hate us for our freedom or because women drive cars unescorted), and ending the Imperial American Empire are a strong siren's call for me.

But, I can not ignore these repeated warnings .

Update (12/27):
Ironically, it seems, being caught up in the Paul Revolution caused me to lose sight of the title of my own blog...

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