Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quickly O'Reilly Man the Guns! Evil America Haters are trying to Stop War with Iran!

From the nine-page summary of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.

"The good news is that U.S. intelligence now believes Iran stopped trying to develop a nuclear weapon a few years ago. So if that's true, it takes some of the urgency away from a confrontation with the Iranian mullahs." - Bill O'Reilly, Faux News

Takes some of the urgency away? So even if Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons or an active program we still have to go to war with Iran?

Oh, of course, War is always the answer. Especially, when your bald splocthy head wont have to sweat spending more than 3 days in country, distributing your merchandise.

What the fuck is with the coverage of Iran? The Iranian people are not a single block all working feverishly towards the destruction of the world. Is it laziness or ignorance which drives reporters to speak in terms of Iran as driven solely by the will of Ahmadinejad?

Ahmadinejad is not Hitler, but he must be Napoleon Bonaparte, because he obvious has the power to send the Iranian Military into war at will. And keep them at War for a 15 year plus span!

The Iranians have a strategic choice to make," Most Glorious Leader Bush said, "They Can Come Clean..." It is, of course, the words of a Despot Authoritarian Statist controlling the US. A "man" who was told in August 2007 Iran may have suspended their weapons program. A "man" who has never come clean about Iraq, but instead makes jokes about the Search...

The Bush Regime is not America, nor is the Iranian Regime Iran.

Hopefully, the People will not allow themselves to be lead into another War in which The Warmongers hide in safety at home while Americans die for gold and glory.

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