Thursday, October 5, 2017

In Las Vegas, Second Amendment Hero makes largest blood donation to the NRA

"One thing I love about these tragedies that happen, the reaction from the American people coming together," - NRA Spokesmodel Antonia Okafor told Blond Faux Women #6, as the stock market price of Gun Makers surged after the mass shooting.
Stephen Craig Paddock, an old white man working as an apparent money launderer for the mob, purchased 33 semi-automatic rifles over the past year, almost 3 a month.  With his arsenal Paddock, a legal responsible gun owner on 09/30/17 became the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting in U.S. History on 10/01/17.  Paddock wounded 600 people and thus far 58 have died.  Paddock is a Second Amendment Champion and Newest All-Star in the NRA Hall-of-Fame.

Immediately after these events, conservatives sprang into action.  Gun Nuts emerged from their Gun Rooms, in a frenzy ready to defend guns to your death, and descended up the social media.  Facebook, Twitter, and the conservative internet have been Horrific.

The howling from gun humping lunatics and screeching conservatives in their propaganda campaign of obfuscation and distortion, is lie after lie, after lie, after lie, after lie.  4Chan, The_Donald subreddit, and various other sewers of fevered right-wing insanity made no pretense and spead outright lies and disinformation.  The goal isn't to discover any truth about Paddock or mass shootings but, to muddy the narrative with enough lies for long enough that in a few weeks or months, when this mass murder no longer dominates headlines, conseravtives will be able to assert Paddock was a Leading Antifa collaborator of George Soros, who had deep ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

On Faux News tv broadcasts, Howard Kurtz, Brit Hume, and other rightwing hypocrites made false pleas for a day without politicizing tragedy, all the while politicizng the incident with references to Chicago and the Leftist agenda.  References to Chicago, by conservatives is just racist shorthand, because I never hear any discussion of a solution to Chicago's gun crime problem nor do conservatives acknowledge that 3/5ths of guns used in comission of crimes come from outside Cook County.

The Republicans dutifully, texted and tweeted, their Thoughts & Prayers, and went back to pushing the blood-soaked agenda of the NRA and Firearm Industry.  The Republican Party always offers Thoughts & Prayers because it is the least they can do, when Republicans figure out how to do less and just ignore these events they will.

The ghoulish Republicans even rolled out the bullet broken body of Congressman Steve Scalise to praise Guns and affirm there shall be no Gun Control Now, No Guntrol Ever.  I wonder if this Republican Congress which is striving to eliminate all government funded or aided healthcare coverage will offer up the same medical care for the 600 wounded in Las Vegas that Scalise received in his 3 months of rehabilitation.  Of course, the answer is no, since the Republicans just affirmed that healthcare is a privilege not a right.

Sean Hannity crafted a fantasy scenario wherein he was on the 31st floor, with his licensed firearm and he moved to the shooters location and eliminated the threat.  It was such a preposterous fantasy even Laura "Nazi Salute" Ingraham had to admit he couldn't have helped.

In fact, a prominent tough-talking ammosexual was in the crowd and was tweeting, unfortunately for him the image which appeared was him looking stunned, unable to move, deer in headlights, as first responder emergency lights framed his frozen face

Bill O'Reilly declared, "This is the price of freedom..."  RWers love to claim freedom isn't free yet I've never seen Bill O'Reilly willing to pay the price of freedom.

This is not freedom.  This is madness. This is suicide.  National Suicide.  And the Constitution is not a suicide pact.

"Well Regulated" doesn't means laws, it means enforcement.  Bans, confiscation, and destruction of firearms.  And when gun humping lunatics threaten violence and murder, Americans will perhaps recognize gun nuts never loved laws or freedom or police officers but love death.

The Gun Culture in the United States is a Cult of Death; Our Moloch by Gary Willis was written after Sandy Hook, requires blood sacrifice and the MORON LABE maniacs and blood-soaked NRA offer it gallons every day.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Right-Wing Propaganda Never Sleeps

It's better to burn America, 'cause Propaganda never sleeps...

Lost amongst the hillarity felt by smug liberals to the conservative WHATABOUT President Obama golfing during Hurrican Katrina in August 2005, huh huh huh libtard?!?!? Oh and Michelle Obama is an ugly man, checkmate! Is the fact Propaganda has won.  Conservatives have jettisoned their thin grasp on reality and fully immersed themselves into the fevered swamp of right-wing lies.

W(orst POTUS Ever) response to Hurricane Katrina was to let New Orleans drown, send Blackwater to murder black people, and allow thousands of Americans suffer because George W. Bush didn't care about black people.  But, to conservatives, Hurricane Katrina was Obama's Katrina.

Republicans learned how to continually "catapult the propaganda" from their long association with the phony christian wing of their coaltion.  Conservative christian creationists have been lobbing lies and legislation for 90 years since their defeat in the Scopes Trial in 1925.  They didn't accept a defeat but, instead have been refining their methods.

Allen West Respublika posted a story, from Mark J. Fitzgibbons of The American Spectator which placed the blame for the White Terrorist Riot in Charolettesville onto the Democratic Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Mayor of Charolettesville Mike Singer and the Democratic Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy.

A Department of Homeland Security memo from August 9th alerted the Unite the Right rally had the potential for violence between Anarchists and White Supremacists due to previous incidents in March and July.  Of course, as is typical of right-wing propaganda efforts the entire event must be blame shifted to the Democratic politicans and violence must be the result of both sides.

So what would the right-wing internet have supported in response to this?  Closing down the city of Charolettesville?  Immediately arresting all people with tiki torches?  Banning of hitler hairdos?  Arresting and detaining all ouside agitators with out-of-state plates?  Confiscating all weapons in defiance of the Holey Second Amendment.  No, any attempts to deter, disarm, or detain the right-wing tiKKKi terrorists would have been proof of Obama's holdovers in the DHS Deep State outlawing conservatives or the evil DemocRATs of Virginia being all super racist against poor innocent whites.  No, this is after-the-fact rationalization and justification for a right-wing terrorist get together.

Meanwhile, Mayor Singer and Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones are furiously attempting to blame each other, of mismangaing the incident, of being on vacation just prior to it (which they both were) as one wants to be the fall guy.

Just as we saw with the two Bundy Insurrections and the hundreds of incidents of white males conducting domestic terrorist attacks, Right-Wing violence and conservative domestic terrorism is coddled and encouraged in this country, so the blame can not rest with the right-wing domestic terrorists, tiKKKi Party, and Neo-Nazis but, must be spread around to both sides.

But, eventually the conservative internet will work around to placing the blame onto the Left as it always does.  Just like when Faux News runs with a chyron of a criminal conservative being labelled (D).  Just as with every deranged second amendment hero being recast as a liberal.  Just as we saw with the Republican Witch Hunt of HRC for the incident in Benghazi, Libya, Republicans never wanted it known they had slashed the budget for Department of State security.  Just as the response to Hurricane Harvey, Traitor Trump cut regulations on polluting chemical companies, a move cheered by Texas Republicans and championed by Congressional Republicans.

Remember the goal for conservatives is never to find the truth or to uncover the facts; The goal is to always, always, always blame liberals, minorities, and Democratic politicans and too always excuse conservative criminals, fascists, and Republicans.

Monday, August 28, 2017

The stabbing of Neo-Nazi Joshua Witt in Sheridan, Colorado; anatomy of Right-Wing Propaganda

The Fox News Headline from August 20th reads: Anti-Fascist stabs Innocent Man over 'Neo-Nazi' haircut

Followed by the lede:
Joshua Witt, who is in no way a neo-Nazi, was getting out of his car at Steak ’n Shake in Sheridan, Colorado when a black man ran over to him yelling, "Are you one of them neo-Nazis?" 
The man aimed for his head over his car door, but Witt blocked the blow with his hand, which needed three stitches.
Now, I don't know this Witt so it's slightly possible he's not a Neo-Nazi but, what I do know is he is a criminal liar, i.e. A conservative.

Witt stabbed himself, fabricated the story, disseminated it on social media, and filed a false Police Report.  Conservative criminal Witt has now been arrested.  Worse than Witt's bullshit lies he implicated a nearby homeless black man whom Police detained and questioned in the incident.

Imagine if this transient individual was mentally ill (Ronnie Raygun and the Republicans kicked millions of mentally ill people into the streets by cutting medical coverage) and reacted badly to the Police and was hurt or killed.  It's a supreme credit to the Sheridan Police Officers and Detectives who took time, investigated properly and found the true criminal; Neo-Nazi Joshua Witt.

But, what will live on forever is the comments by deranged vile conservatives.  They are aching for the chance, yearning for the order, praying for the day they can begin murdering liberals, blacks, feminists, and immigrants.

Hundreds of right-wing internet sites posted this story, thousands of conservatives read it, and posted hundreds of thousands of violent, vile, evil messages stating they are going to murder liberals and begin Civil War 2.0.

Conservatives now dutifully see a headline posted by some right-wing provacetuer, often don't even bother to read any part of the story, and react as expected and desired, with visceral anger and blistering rage.  Faux News, right-wing hate radio, the incestuous conservative internet exist to keep their duped and battered drones in a constant state of agitated arousal, angry and frightened, scared and mad, ready to do violence to the people conseravtives have always hated and wished dead; The American People.

Notice, there was no Trumpian bullshit about waiting for the facts to come in before posting this story.  Fox News and the incestuous conservative media puked this into the right-wing bloodstream to enflame and agitate.

There appears to be no fringe conservatives; the entire conservative movement is replete with fascists, who seem daily to be getting closer and closer to declaring out-right war.  I think we're fucked.  Propaganda seems to have won.  I don't see how we can stem the tide of lying right-wing fascists spreading their vicious evil bigotry and flasehoods.  It's been absorbed into 3 generations of conseravtives.

Under Republican Governments American cities Drown, Hurricanes hate Republicans

New Orleans in 2005 under W(orst Potus Ever) and now Houston in 2017 under Traitor Trump.  Hurricanes obviously know when Republicans are in control of the Federal Government and punish the American people for such ignorant choices.

9 Trillion gallons of water, 50 inches of rain has turned Houston's highways into rives and lakes, and submerged the entire area.

Traitor Trump, not to be outdone by Bush's stumblin', rumblin', bumblin' response to Katrina, took to Twitter to boast about how under him "experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood!"

Who brags about the size of their Hurricane?  Someone's whose attention span is as big as their weenie.  Because afterwards Traitor Trump took time away from his disaster in Texas to push criminal David Clarke's, the infamous bling wearing dress up phony Sheriff, new book.

Many people, mostly poor, are going to suffer tremendously.  Compounding it will be the Republicans government of Texas and the gross incompentence of the Trump misadministration.  Expect shameless hypocrisy as the two Senators from Texas John Coryn and Ted Cruz, who  voted against emergency relief for Hurricane Sandy but, of course demand it for Texas.  Right-wing shared sacrifice means others suffer and sacrifice to fulfill the courage of conseravtive convictions.

Additionally, the 2005 disater in New Orleans under Republicans spawned a whole plethora of right-wing mythology to fuel their rampant bigotry about the lack of bootstrappin' gumption of those people.  Expect conservatives to craft whole new myths about the power of capitalism saving all the Texas whites with its' invisible hand.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Conservatives don't give a damn about members of the military

"That's too bad..." - Donald Trump's only thoughts when asked about the latest military disaster under his leadership.
Why is the Media silent about all these Military Deaths under Traitor Trump?  I know why the conservative media world is silent, Thou shalt not say anything bad about Republicans, is their over-riding mantra.

Conservative media exists to complain and complain and complain, until the lamestream media feels obligated or brow-beaten into covering whatever right-wing bugbear the conservative media has concocted.

Additionally, right-wing media serves to "catapult the propaganda" to their drones to keep conservatives in a constant state of agitation and angry arousal, stroking the conservative ego while inflaming the right-wing id.

However, I suppose the media is too busy covering Trump's illegal collaboration with Russia, Trump's dalliance and alliance with Neo-Nazis, and Trump's threats to sitting U.S. Senators, plus documenting Trump's 1000 lies (a rate of 4.6 per day), to offer the proper coverage of Trump and the Republican Party's reckless mismanagement of the military.

I have no desire to use the dead bodies of members of the military to advance my political beliefs.  But, I'm not going to sit and allow conservatives to continue to claim the mantle of patriotism, especially since conservatives allegiance is to the Arch-Traitors of the Confederacy.

Conservatives don't give a shit about the military.  Conservatives don't care about soliders, sailors, airmen and Marines in harm's way.  Conservatives don't support the Troops.  Conservatives use the military to advance their agenda and hold their phony patriotism up as a cudgel to frighten elected officials.

If right-wing radio, Faux News, and the on-line conservative lunatics on blogs, websites, and facebook covered these numerous incidents the way they did Benghazi, then I would rescind my statements.  But, it's been silence.  A disgusting silence as the gross incompetence of Trump and the willful neglect of the Republican Party which controls the entire Federal Government has cost members of the military their lives.  Trump's incompetence has cost Americans their lives and Conservatives. Don't Care.

The Republican bureaucrats ensconced in Washington DC only care about advancing their agenda of crushing the American working class, eliminating all controls and regulations on Corporate malfeasance, swindling Social Security and Medicare, and enacting tax cuts for the 1% to create a permanent stratification of the United States, effectively ending the American Dream.

And Conservatives only care about pissing off liberals.  If that means abandoning all of their so-called values; well conservatives long ago decided to jettison anything resembling morality for the chance to yell, Suck it, Libtard!  So of course, conservatives don't care the sailors, soliders, Marines killed under Trump's reckless negligence, Traitor Trump is President and liberals are angry, that's all they care about.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A country can not remain Half Fascist and Half AntiFa...


Traitor Trump stung by criticism did what he loves to do; give a speech to a hand-picked crowd of dozens, this time in Arizona, in which he laid out how he was the biggest victim of the Charlottesville White Right-Wing Riot.  Trump displayed all the aggrieved petty childishness which right-wingers yearn for in a man.

The only solace from Trump's Arizona Nuremberg rally is the paucity of attendees, the crowd inside was as tiny as Trump's hands.  This, of course, did not stop conservatives from disseminating pictures showing how massive the pro-Trump crowds were; sadly for lying conservatives the image used was for the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers Championship rally.  But, it's par for the course for conservatives and Trump to take credit for black men's achievements.

And while a fair amount of focus was on the strange individual, sometimes known as Michael Symonette, often seen behind Trump at these rallies sporting a Blacks for Trump sign and white t-shirt, I think the focus has to be on the mass of conservatives who now, no longer see their vicious racism and evil hatred merely reflected back from Trump but, instead see him projecting the pure distillation of conservative thought, out-right fascism, to them.

22 million Americans, or 1/3rd of Trump's voters, look favorably on White Supremacy.  Conservatives believe their facebook feed more than news media.  Conservatives have become emboldened by Trump's explicit support of Fascism and racial injustice.

Trump is on the cusp of calling for outright violence against all his enemies.  Traitor Trump has declared himself a fascist and his hordes of conditioned conservatives and rabid right-wing drones, who had their pumps primed through long years of Republican perfidy, right-wing radio, Faux News, and the incestuous conservative internet, are ready.

At this point conservatives need no spark; they don't require a sinking of the Maine or a Zimmerman Telegram to be pushed into full-blown fascist violence.  Conservatives have been conditioned to believe they already have numerous Casus Belli and can recite all manner of Whataboutisms everytime they are pused to defend the indefenseible;  Trump is a fascist.  Conservatives are his adoring Cult ready to murder and pillage.

It's time to re-open old books written during the last era, when an earlier generation witnessed the rise of fascism;
The fascists find their human material mainly in the petty bourgeoisie.  The latter has been entirely ruined by big capital.  There is no way out of it in the present social order, but it knows of no other.  Its dissatisfaction, indignation, and despair are diverted by the fascists away from big capital and against the workers.  It may be said that fascism is the act of placing the petty bourgeoisie at the disposal of its most bitter enemies.  In this way big capital ruins the middle classes and then, with the help of hired fascist demagogues, incites the despairing petty bourgeois against the worker.  The bourgeois regime can be preserved only by such murderous means as these.  - Leon Trotsky, Fascism, what it is and how to fight it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Military accidents, Dead US Servicemembers, and Trump Don't Care; conservatives love lies and hate America

Traitor Trump has declared the intention of American colonization in Afghanistan.  While dishonest media outlets like the FTF New York Times and Zero Hedge are still addicted to the concept of Killary Clinton and believe Donald Trump is a dove who will never involve the United States into foreign wars, the truth is and always has been, Trump will use the military capriciously and with little regard to the destruction wrought upon the bodies, minds and souls of the American families least of all to those poor people in countries he whimsically decides to bomb.

Already this year, there have been 4 Naval accidents, under the Trump Misadministration; two of the accidents on June 17th and August 21st resulted in multiple deaths.  Additionally, several helicopter crashes, an Army SOC on August 15th and two Marine Corps helicopter crashes one on August 3rd and another a month ago on July10th, have claimed the lives of US service members under Trump's watch.  Donald Trump hasn't been bothered to comment on these incidents as he is busy defending his voters; Neo-Nazis and Bigots.  Trump Don't Care.

Ghoulish conservatives would at this point under President Obama declared this a crisis of leadership, a result of Obama's Lead from Behind Strategy, demand Congressional hearings and be yammering for Impeachment.  Under Trump the only discussion thus far anywhere in the Right-Wing media has been Faux News bringing on noted asshole Ralph Peters to blame Barack Obama.

But, under President Trump? Silence.  A shameful silence of a political system and its' adherents who have nothing to offer the United States or the World.  Conservatism is treason in defense of power and power for the sake of advancing their agenda of oppression and intolerance.

Conservatives have no moral center.  Conservatives have no set beliefs other than pissing off liberals. In fact, conservatives do not adhere to any of their so-called values and beliefs.  Conservatives love lies and hate America

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Everyone at Charlottesville was a Leftist

"The fucking jew-lovers are gassing us," - Faux News interviewed a white guy who must have been a liberal.
It's important to note that according to received conservative wisdom all parties involved in the Charlottesville incident are Democrats, the DNC, or the alt-left.

According Jonah Golberg's semen all work Liberal Fascism and D'inesh D'Criminal's flatulent opus, The Big Lie, properly understood all Nazis are Liberals.

Additionally, since the diminutive Nazi stands for National Socialism, all those violent neo-nazis in Virginia were really Bernie Sanders supporting Progressives.

Furthermore,  every conservative online can recite that the Klan are Democrats, because Robert Byrd Q.E.D., therefore all the klan supporting white supremacists wearing pleated chinos, white polos, and red #MAGA hats are really Democrats.

Richard Spencer, who shouted Heil Trump last November is really a liberal.  The protesters defending Robert E. Lee are all members of the Democrat Party.

Facing these ardent leftists and Democrats was the alt-left, a group made up of DNC operatives who released HRC emails to Russia to discredit Trump but, didn't understand the backlash amongst non-racists because the Klan, Stormfront, Neo-Nazis, and every racist white supremacist is a liberal who voted for Barack Obama!

So this was a civil war between the Left and the Left.

Of course,  what this really shows is conservatives have been engaged in a decades long  campaign of shameless lying and despicable propaganda efforts to pretend their base is not domestic terrorists, racists, bigots, and Neo-Nazis.  Conservatives are Traitors and Criminals and represent the gravest danger to the United States and the World.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Traitor Trump revises stance openly declares he is a Fascist who stands with Neo-Nazis

"What kind of sheets is he sleeping on?" - Nicole Wallace, MSNBC.  It's fairly clear Trump is sleeping on his white sheets of The Great Orange Dragon.

Traitor Trump could not even pretend he disliked Neo-Nazis for one day, after being forced to disingenuously denounce them, yesterday.  Richard Spencer was correct when he said Trump was only playing the media when Hair Furor offered a mealy-mouthed dislike of White Supremacists.

Traitor Trump can no more denounce the TeaKKKi Party, the Alt-Reich, and right-wing racists than he can denounce himself;  They are Him and He is Them.  During his unhinged, fascist speech today, Donald Trump dropped The Ultimate Whataboutism, "What about the alt-left - excuse me - the alt-left that came charging at us - excuse me - at the alt-right, as you call them?  Do they have any semblance of guilt?"

Then Traitor Trump in his petulant speech spouted off a litany of False Equivalency and Both Sides bullshit which the Media made fashionable and every conservative adheres to to muddy situations.  And the situation today in America, is there is a literal Fascist in the White House and Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists and Neo-Nazis are ascendant today.  Conservative Violence has now been defended by the President of the United States.  The President of the United States stands with Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists.

As I just posted, Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism is now the #1 Threat to the United States and the World.  Traitor Trump is very likely to take the United States down the path of 1930's Germany and the conservative Alt-Reich will be the Vanguard advancing the Nation into the culmination of the ideal conservative state;  A Wage Slave State with white males on top of 2nd and 3rd class citizens in which white power, oppression, and state-sanctioned murder of liberals, feminists, minorities, and immigrants is ensconced into Law.

A violent congregation of Anti-American Neo-Nazis got away with crimes and violence because the local police felt too frightened to intervene due to the firepower carried by various members of III Percenters and other right-wing terrorist organizations.  And Conservative Neo-Nazis just got away with a literal murder.  Yes, James Shields Jr. will be punished lightly by the Sessions DOJ but, white supremacists will sacrifice that pawn for the favor they just gained from the President of the United States.

Today, conservatives learned Donald Trump will defend them no matter what they do.

The Deplorable Right-Wing Response to Heather Heyer's murder and the Conservative Domestic Terrorist gathering in Charlottesville is exactly as despicable as expected

Denial, Obfuscation, False Equivalency, Both Sides, and outright lying.

Disgraced war criminal Allen West wrote a column which included all the right-wing bugaboos designed to provide conservatives ammunition for their "Whataboutisms".  After starting his missive on the terrorist attack with a humble-brag of him receiving an award in Arizona.  The despicable West spent another two paragraphs referencing the beautiful scenery, Rahm Emmanuel, and BLM.  Eventually, West gets around to being very sad Heather Heyer was murdered by a right-wing terrorist and declares he wants James Alex Fields Jr. to be put to death.  Conservatives are more than willing to sacrifice a good soldier because he is just a pawn, in the right-wing efforts to dismiss this incident and move along with their agenda of intolerance and oppression.

No right-wing terrorist attack would be complete until the dumbest man on the internet, Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit, immediately blaming THE LEFT and continuing his campaign of lies by declaring the driver was "An Anti-Trump Protestor" and "DUDE HIT THE WRONG CROWD".

Not to be outdone white power buffoon Chuck C. Johnson continued his track record of deranged lying and irresponsible "reporting" by conducting a VIN search of Dodge Challengers and then outing a Michigan man as being responsible, declaring him a "An Anti-Trump open borders druggie".

4Chan and other right-wing sites teased their rabid followers by declaring they had uncovered the true identity of the attacker, a leftist, outed his facebook page and tacitly instructed their drones to bombard him with the usual litany of misspelled death threats.

Ann Althouse decided it was too soon to know for sure if the white criminal in custody was the same person pictured in the white power riot.  Because white men are always just immature scamps not hard-core thugs like those people.  Not to be outdone, blog commentators parsed the video frame-by-frame exonerating the conservative criminal because every on-line right-wing blog commentator is a video analysis expert.

Alex Jones only salutes one flag and that is a False one.  But, the more despicable right-wing sites took it upon themselves to attack Heather Heyer using the typical conservative reaction of insulting, demeaning, and spitting upon the dead.  Using and abusing the dead is cornerstone upon which modern American Conservatism is built.

These lies serve a distinct purpose.  Right-Wingers craft multiple lies so that when one or two or more are debunked, discredited, or disproven another 10 conservative lies have take it's place.  It's a strategy that's worked in many propaganda endeavors the right has undertaken.

Couple this with the incessant attempts from "many sides" to adhere to the Both Sides Do It narrativethe right-wing mantra false equivalency (e.g. KKK and BLM are same) and then always, always, always declaring the suspect is actually a leftist, right-wing liars know some portion of the deluded and duped conservative base will never believe the truth.

And the Truth is Conservatism is Terrorism and Violence; The United States is faced with it's biggest threat since W(orst POTUS Ever) ignored DEEP STATE warnings Bin Laden planning to conduct terrorist attacks on U.S. Soil in August 2001; the growing cancer of conservative domestic terrorism is rapidly metastasizing into a massive tumor.  Everywhere on-line, on right-wing talk radio, plastered in newspaper opinion letters conservatives let it be known they have a yearning deep down in their shriveled loins to begin murdering liberals.

Because the 63 million who voted for second-place Trump are not all Neo-Nazis, Bigots, and Plutocrats but, they are more than willing to let a small vanguard of conservative terrorists and criminals foment violence in their name and have expressed their willingness to shut down the Press, if it keeps criticizing Traitor Trump, and over 50% of conservatives are willing to suspend ALL future elections.

This goes well beyond Donald Trump and his ownership by Russia.  Conservatives have been aching to use their 2nd Amendment Remedies, to begin Civil War 2.0 for a long time.  Many, right-wingers have stated the first shots of it have already been fired.  Republicans encouraged this right-wing anger and coddled incidents of right-wing violence.  Now, criminal conservatives feel emboldened.

So, when the FBI arrests a III Precenter and right-wing domestic terrorist Jerry Drake Varnell, as he attempts to emulate Timothy McVeigh and explode a 1000lb Truck Bomb in Oklahoma, understand  conservatives are terrorists who hate America and are going to keep ramping up the violence.

Monday, August 14, 2017

White Conservative Domestic Terrorists strike again, 3 dead and 19 wounded, Worse Than Benghazi.

The first thing to recognize about the Domestic Terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a brave young woman lost her life fighting Nazis on American soil.  And two LEOs died as a result of the actions of a cadre of conservative traitors and nazis; The TeaKKKi Party.

Next, demand a congressional inquiry into the events leading up to and during the gathering of violent anti-american white supremacists.  Why was a permit granted to them initially when the list of attendees included all manner of right-wing domestic terrorist groups before it was rescinded?  Why did the Police not monitor the broadcast on-line for additional right-wing fascists to descend?  Why were neighboring police departments not tasked with providing QREF in case of trouble?  Why was the State Police not notified and placed on high alert and checking for outside agitators coming in?

Now, it has been pointed out repeatedly on various social media platforms the Police response to rallies involving Africian-Americans or #blacklivesmatter are always greeted with overwhelming force and military grade equipment, while the police in several instances during the White Riot apparently did not intervene, even as women were beaten by conservative criminals.  I was not on the ground and do not know the micro-tactical situation but, the questions are why did the Police either show up without a proper response plan in place or without the proper assets?

White Conservative Domestic Terrorists have conducted numerous attacks on U.S. soil and have been emboldened by the tacit and overt support from Republicans in Congress, Statehouses, Faux News, and now the White House.  Conservatives have increasingly been radicalized into a Reactionary Paramilitary force with the approval of high-ranking Republicans and conservatives in the media.
What this amounts to is no less than a Coup d'etat and an attempt to turn the United States into a Right-Wing Fascist Plutocracy.

Never Forget using vehicles as weapons in the United States have been a tradition of right-wing domestic terrorists and far from being inspired by Islamic extremeists this latest attack was inspired by other Conservatives and Republican Lawmakers.

As protests against police brutuality escalated over the repeated unconstitutional execution of black men by Police Officers, Republican "Lawmakers "in various states attempted to pass legislation making it legal to run over people in the roadway.  Pause and reflect on that.  In multiple states, Republicans attempted to make it legal to run over and murder someone with your car for the act of getting in your way.

Conservative asshole and Law School professor Glenn Reynolds wrote last year, "Run them Down".  Reynolds one of the first big right-wing blogger types has always advocated for the murdering of Americans whose political affiliation he dislikes.

Conservative Domestic Terrorists are waiting, aching, yearning for Traitor Trump to give them the go ahead to begin slaughtering Americans.  Conservatives believe they have a Casus Belli (a cause or event to justify war) whenever, they sputter their "Whataboutisms" containing the names President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or George Soros.

Conservatives long ago declared war on America.  They hoped with the election of more and more Reactionary Republicans; from the Arch-Criminal Dick Nixon, to the alzheimer addled Ronnie Raygun, to W(orst POTUS Ever), to the ultimate distallation of conservative thought and emotion, the Alt-Reich Traitor Trump himself, would allow them to perversely install the unholy evil conservative agenda of intolerance, oppression, and worship of the rich into "Law".  But, Conservatives have been stymied by the #Resistance and a strong united Democratic Party.

Of course, it should be noted the goals of rank-and-file conseravtives are different than the Republican Party, which serves as the Guard Dogs of the Plutocracy but, the Republicans often throw more than enough red meat to their conservative drones to keep them satiated.  However, as it becomes more and more likely the conservative dream of a White Power Government will be thwarted conservative domestic terrorists will turn more and more to violent methods and means.

The NRA has already volunteered several times to be the Vanguard of an overthrow of the Untied States and the rounding up and murdering of liberals, feminists, minorities, immigrants and everyone else Traitor Trump and his 63 million Nazi followers deem enemies.

Exterminate the Brutes has been the unofficial motto of the GOP for decades now and multiple generations of conservatives have been raised on fascism but, conservatives haven't been this openly fascist since World War II.  However, conservatives know they have a staunch ally in the White House and his Executive staff is replete with fellow fascist travellers and white supremacists.  Traitor Trump can no more denounce the TeaKKKi Party than he can denounce himself; They are Him.

Right-Wing treason and conservative domestic terrorism is now the number one threat to the United States of America.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Traitor Trump's Heart of Darkness turns Police Officers into Brownshirts

"What do you think I ought to do - Resist? Eh? I want no more than justice..."  He wanted no more than justice - no more than justice.  I rang the bell before a mahogany door on the first floor, and while I waited he seemed to stare at me out the glassy panel - stare with that wide and immense stare embracing, condemning, loathing all the universe.  I seemed to hear the whispered cry, "Covfefe! Covfefe!"
As President, Traitor Trump has been as big a failure as the flaccid Republicans in Congress. So, Donnie Dumbass has returned to what works for him; his faux Nuremberg rallies.

Trump an international as well as national embarrassment has now encouraged the United States Military, Police Departments across the Nation, and the Boy Scouts to repudiate and denounce him.

While Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts was a crude and vulgar diatribe by a man who has sex with his daughter Ivanka and his unthinking tweets concerning transgendered Servicemembers was due to  his syphilis addled brain not understanding the right-wing bugaboo about the millions of Americans signing up for military service just to get sex reassignment service free on the taxpayers dime his speech to some Fraternal Order of Police officers in Long Island signals the most dangerous message.

Back in March Traitor Trump told Police Chiefs across the country he wanted the names of disloyal Police Officers who voted against him,
"I guess you probably know the numbers were extremely lopsided, right? I’m just trying to figure out the few people who voted the other way. Who are they? Who are they? Find out who they are, please, and let us know."
This revealing authoritarian yearning was quickly lost in the oncoming tide of Trump's deep ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin and the Republican Party's open collaboration with a foreign government to steal elections and illegally occupy the U.S. Government.

But, conservatives have indicated they don't care Trump is a Traitor and the Republican Party is a subsidiary of the FSB.  Conservatives have a deep yearning in their shriveled loins to slaughter liberals, feminists, minorities, immigrants, and have declared they are ready, willing, and eager to act as a paramilitary force inside the United States, rounding up and murdering the #Resistance to Trump.

But, Trumps' syphilis addled brain has been unable to fully comprehend their offer.  But, Trump does comprehend is telling Police Officers violate the law and deprive Americans of their Civil Rights.  In his 1980's hey-day, Trump called for the New York Police to murder 5 innocent men, the Central Park 5 who were wrongly convicted of beating and raping a white-woman.
"Muggers and murderers," he wrote, "should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes."
The five innocent men have been cleared by DNA evidence, but Trump still considers them guilty long after their exoneration and supports a continued miscarriage of justice against them for the simple reasons Trump can never be wrong and the accused were minorities.

Traitor Trump has been laundering money for decades through his Manhattan real estate empire for Russian Pimps and Gangsters.  But, as a rich white criminal Trump he has skirted away from justice.  So, when Trump told a collected group of Police Officers,
"When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of the paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough. I said please don't be too nice. Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head, you know, the way you put your hand over? Like don't hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody. Don't hit their head. I said you can take the hand away, okay?"
Trump is indicating he supports violations of civil rights, abuses of authority, and crimes because they are going to be committed against those people.

Modern Police Departments were created in the 19th century, as a way of controlling the working class.  Three pressures during the Industrial Revolution of the 1800's overwhelmed the old methods of law enforcement, i.e. The freeing of the slaves, the rise of the dense urban populations, and the influx of immigrants from other cultures and nations.

As Trump's White House fumbles expose his incompetence and brain damage and as continued exposure of his collusion with Russia, and long time ties to Russian crime come to light, Traitor Trump will lean more and more on Military leaders and police officers to bolster him.

And as true justice gets closer his rabid right-wing base will ramp up there threats of violence and desire to keep Trump in power through murder and terrorism.  Police Officers will be put in the position having to choose between aiding conservative domestic terrorists and Traitor Trump or defending the American people.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trump set to institute Wage Slavery via the NLRB and his Department of Forced Labor

The property which every man has in his own labour, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable - Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations
More people getting paid for overtime work sounds great, but... Speaker Paul Ryan illustrates how more money for American Workers is bad because when Americans are financially secure they vote for a Democratic Socialist Government but, when reduced to penury by Republican policies they elect reactionary Republicans.

One of the most pernicious lies promulgated about President Obama's tenure was he did nothing for the working class. President Obama's National Labor Relations Board and head of the Department of Labor Tom Perez, increased protections and aggressively defended workers while punishing employers who conducted wage theft.

President Obama and his Labor Department passed regulations changing the ceiling mandating overtime pay but, a Federal Judge in Texas held up the overtime rule back in December. Now, traitor Trump and his Department of Forced Labor will undo it completely as well as undercutting American workers on several other avenues.

Under the President Obama's Department of Labor rules, salaried employees earning less than $47,476 annually would have automatically received overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week, double the current $23,660 ceiling. More than 4 million workers would have earned an estimated extra $12 billion over the next decade. As Vice President Joe Biden correctly noted last year, "It is based on a simple proposition. If you work overtime, you should actually get paid for working overtime."

This, of course, enraged Republicans, who responded with predictable Pavlovian frothing at the mouth fury. Actually, paying workers is antithetical to the Republican Party.  Trump especially doesn't pay people who work for him, as thousands of contractors and former FBI head James Comey found out.

In many ways Traitor Trump, is a bog standard Republican, he hates paying workers and uses the awesome power of the Federal Government to ensure he doesn't have to. The Republican Plan to screw over workers works like this; an employee works 60 hours (20 hours overtime) but instead of being paid time-and-a-half, the 20 hours goes into a bank of compensated time (CT), which theoretically the worker could use as paid time off or as pay at the end of the fiscal year. What really happens is the CT builds up for years and the employee never gets time off and never gets paid.

But, Trump and his Forced Labor Department are just getting started.  In addition, to making overtime an unpaid "benefit" of working in the U.S.  The Department of Forced Labor is also set to do the following:
  • Trump's proposed budget includes a 20 percent cut to Labor Department funding, but not all areas as the Office of Labor-Management Standards, which investigates conducts witch hunts against in private-sector unions is set to receive a 22 percent increase.
  • Eliminating the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule, which barred companies from receiving federal contracts if they had a history of violating wage, labor or workplace safety laws. 
  • Rescinding the Persuader rule, which would have required law firms to publicly disclose any work they do for employers surrounding union busting and anti-union organization efforts.
  • Curtailing OSHA efforts to improve worker safety by delaying tightened exposure standards for silica, which is often breathed in by certain construction workers and linked to lung disease; and lower workplace exposure limits for beryllium, an industrial mineral linked to lung cancer.
And they are just getting started.  Traitor Trump and the Respublikanskaya Partiya have a message to 99% of Americans; You have No Friend in Government.  Welcome back to the Era of Forced Labor and Slavery.

Joe Biden was right as usual when, in 2012,  he stated, "We got a real clear picture of what they all value. Every Republican's voted for it.  They're going to put y'all back in chains."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Trump family and the Republican Party are straight-up Traitors

We are a Republic not a Democracy - Conservative Mantra. Thanks to the traitorous Republican Party we have become a Respublik under Russian control.

Right wingers claim 3 million votes for Hillary were illegal, to explain why Trump was awarded the Presidency, as the ultimate Participation Trophy for coming in second place.  But, distressingly conservatives allowed 1 Dictator to determine the 2016 Presidential Election.

The Republicans always admired Dictator V. Putin.  Conservatives cherish and revere Putin because they long to have a strongman authoritarian dictator in office.  Putin's been sending Russian Agents into the US to destabilize faith in our governmental institutions and he found a willing partner in the Republican Party.  Putin shrewdly bought low and purchased Donald Trump in the 1990's and sat on his investment.  As the American Right-Wing descended into reactionary insanity and lost the last shreds of diginity, morality, and patriotism, Putin bought them too.
"There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump – swear to god!", Majority Leader of the Traitor Republicans Kevin McCarthy admitted to House Lead Traitor Paul Ryan and Gun Nut Steve Scalise last year.
Now Putin is selling High as he orders Trump in their private secretive meetings and the Republicans to eviscerate the American Dream at home and the American Ideal abroad.  Russian asset Dana Rohrabacher was ordered by Kremlin officials to disseminate Russian Propaganda on the U.S. House floor to weaken the Untied States and aid Putin and the Russian Government.

The Republican Party, henceforth the Республиканская партия (anglicized Respublikanskaya Partiya) takes orders from the FSB and the Kremlin. Respublikanskayas have known for years Trump and members of Congress are owned by Vladimir Putin.

So, the Republican Party are allied with a foreign power to subvert the United States.  The Respublikanskaya Partiya declared war on the United States decades ago and have no compunctions when it comes to undermining elections, disseminating lies and propaganda, collaborating with foreign powers, and engaging in all manner of illegal activities in order to achieve power.
"Of course it’s legal – it’s war," Traitor Rudy Giuliani answered, laughing. "Until the war is over, anything is legal."
The Respublikanskaya Partiya goal is to remake America into a Neo-Feudal Tyranny in which all power and wealth resides in the hands of the 1% and Republicans act as vicious Guard Dogs for the Plutocracy, keeping the 99% shackled in perpetual wage slavery.

If it means the Republicans have to pay dividends to V. Putin well that's just the price for enacting their brutal evil agenda. 

What's shocking, depressing, and ironic is the the Republicans efforts, since Prime Traitor Ronnie Raygun, to undermine faith in the United States, sow distrust in the government, and swipe the American Dream from the hands of the working class has allowed the Evil Empire under Putin to succeed where it failed as the Soviet Union.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

They Don't Care Republicans Cruz forward with medical plan to kill millions of Americans Update: Republican Senate fails

If you were Wealthy, You'd be Healthy
Since you're Poor, there's the Funeral Door

The Banana Republican Party latest plan to kill thousands and bankrupt millions of Americans is moving forward in fits and starts.  As the Party of Treason and Subversion of the United States the Respublikanskaya Partiya hates the American People and wishes to curtail the gains Americans made in the 20th century.

The Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare with They Don't Care is a case in point.  Republicans rallied against the ACA for 7 years!  They gnashed their teeth, they tore their hair, they beat their breasts, if only that Dastardly Obama would get out of the way they, the Republicans, would pass a Healthcare Insurance Law which would stand for all time.

Now, since the 2016 elections, the Republicans hold the entire Federal Government.  Yet, all they've mananged to propose are plans so cobbled together, so inane, and so monstorously evil even their duped and battered right-wing drones don't support it and the Insurance Industry has declared the latest version which includes the Ted Cruz Amendment "unworkable".  Ah, but there is one group which supports it, the Republicans Masters' the 1%.

Trump's campaign gave conservatives everything they wanted. Outright bigotry, violent racist language, implied calls for violence and explicit consent to harm the American People.

But Trump's election gave Republicans a chance to get everything they and the 1% have wanted; an End to American Dream and the elimination of the Social Safety Net.  Republicans serve the Plutocracy and the Plutocracy has no use for the American Dream. Republicans view American's value only in terms of the amount of work each American can do and the amount of excess labor value the Vulture Capitalist class can extract from each them.

The Progressive gains of the 20th century marked an actual rise for Americans which the Founding of the Nation and the Glided Age of the 19th century kept confined to the owners of the Nation.  And those Owners, the 1%, hate those progressive gains.  Because when the working class is no longer held in the shackles of corporate bondage and wage slavery they go on and create a pluralistic society with broad based protections for workers, the elderly, the afllicted with a chance for future generations to rise above the preceeding.

The Republicans HATE that.  The Republicans want a return to the days when a railway worker losing an arm on the job was kicked off at the next stop and left to fend for himself.  The Republicans want a return to the days when elderly coal miners were glad not to have been killed in an unsafe mine explosion or cave-in so they can instead whither away of black lung disease and die in a pauper's hovel.  The Republicans want a return to the days when medical care, education, pensions, and the prosepct of living and enjoying your golden years was reserved for the Rich.

The Republicans Don't Care and that is the Healthcare law they are passing.

The Republican Don't Care bill has apparently failed.  While it's fortunate the Republicans are as flaccid and incompetent as they are anti-American but, until the Republicans are removed from Congress they won't stop in their efforts to kill the poor and impoverish the working class.